Saturday, September 11, 2010

Me and My Guitar

Me and My Guitar
Original oil painting 16x20"
by Susan Roux

How many times have you heard me mention Luka Bloom? Perhaps too many. When I first heard his music a year and a half ago, it changed me. I've listened to music my whole life, but none of it ever made me feel like I do when I listen to Luka's.

Ever since, its the music I paint to. Its perfect to put me directly into my special painting place. The softness, his beautiful uplifting words and his the wonderful chants, whisk me away to an instant creative place. Its had the same inspiring affect on other artists.

I've had the great pleasure of seeing the Irishman play several times. As much as I enjoy his CD's, there's nothing like listening to him live. On September 24th I'll get to see him again. Lucky for us, there is a little venue in Maine that he adores coming to.

Its located in Brownfield. Its such an out of the way place, people in Maine don't even know where Brownfield is. Rest assured its well worth the drive... In the middle of the boonies exist a charming post and beam structure adorned with elegant, twinkling lights. You'll have dinner at double-tablecloth tables where candles, water carafes and stemware glisten. The food is creative and delicious. Sit with friends, enjoying a bottle or two of wine and listening to an acoustic show. Its a magical place.

If you've been following me awhile, you know I've been in touch with Luka many times and have even run into him in Ireland. Posted is a painting of him singing. Me and My Guitar is the title of one of his songs. In it there's a line, "I love the pictures you paint." I thought it appropriate.

It will be my gift to him.

It was a challenge from the get go. I placed a stage-lit figure in a Irish composite scenery and somehow thought I could pull it off. I know its not perfect. Hopefully he'll overlook the imperfections.

I'm happy that it looks like him...


  1. You're so talented. I love the softness of the edges, and the strong colors..

  2. I think this is lovely; the soft, calmness of scene and your style seems to echo how you feel about his music and I think that says a lot. Excellent work, Susan.

  3. I'm new to your blog.
    I love the softness of this.

  4. susan,

    this is a beautiful creation which conveys the feelings of a soothing song...


  5. i can see the guitarist is enjoying his music sooo much! love the expression on him and the background is fantastic!

  6. He'll adore it, Susan. Great job. Susan

  7. Una narrazione poetica, un connubio perfetto. Bello molto bello. Graziella

  8. Loin des tumultes de la scène et en exclusivité pour toi, Susan, il joue et chante au diapason de ta peinture... l'harmonie des couleurs et des sons ne font qu'un. Une véritable toile musicale...
    Comment ne pourrait-il pas être fier et ravi de recevoir un tel présent ? Bisous

  9. Another beautiful painting and he will be so pleased to have tis from you. Thanks for the comment about collecting stories. I was feeling so low and that just lifted me.

  10. Dear Susan,
    Wonderful! I love something soft in the picture.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  11. I've never heard of Luka Bloom? Thanks for the link and the information. I'll check it out.


  12. wonderful
    I named my son Luka because of him


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