Saturday, September 10, 2011

Linda Blondheim

Lupines in the Sky
Original oil painting  10x30"
by Susan Roux

I stumbled upon a little gem this morning...

Did I ever mention I live in the woods? It isn't hard to do when you live in rural Maine. Trees grow here like weeds. Even after they've been cut down, the stubborn stumps rebel by sending up five new trees in its place. Keeping the woods from swallowing up the whole property is nearly a full time job. I'm cutting and pruning and fighting them back all the time and they're still winning. What was once a sunny front yard has become a shady haven. My suffering perennial gardens haven't liked the transition very much.

As much as I complain about my growing shade, I love the woods. I always have. There's something so peaceful about it. I love the smells, the sounds and the look of sunlight filtering in. I live in a world that is absolutely green. Well at least in the warmer months... The forest is so thick with underbrush you can't see very far in. After the leaves drop, a new view deep into the rolling terrain is revealed. In winter the sun lights up the white blanket we call snow, illuminating the woods, allowing me to see into it the furthest. My world is far brighter during the winter months than it is in the shade of summer.

It's very different having surroundings that are constantly changing to seeing the same neighbors house across the street. I find it inspiring. I feel immersed in nature. I feel protected.

I know I'm not alone in my love for trees.

My neighbor's getting married next month and having a large outdoor reception. She's labeled the tables, not with numbers, but with different varieties of trees. How cool is that?

Today I found a blogger who's love for trees dips into the realm of passion. Not only does she paint trees, she also keeps a tree scrapbook. She calls it her Tree Journal. Just the title makes me think she adds to it regularly. Tidbits of bark, leaves and twigs. It's part of her reference material. Such a tactile experience...

She isn't just observing the trees, she's really connected to them.

And it shows in her work.

These are just a sampling of the lovely work you'll find on her blog. I know you haven't been there yet because I'm her first follower. Do yourself a favor and go introduce yourself to Linda Blondheim, the wonderful Tree Painter.

On a sadder note. It's hard to talk about trees and not think of the burning fires in Texas. My heart goes out to all those effected. Let's pray the firefighters can gain control over them soon.

The painting posted, Lupines in the Sky, was shown in progress on an earlier post.


  1. Trees: Weeds with bark... Actually, I'd take a full hard wood tree over pines anyday. Maybe that's because I grew up in the middle of a pine forest, with the sun only visable at high nooon- on the summer solstice. Linda's paintings make me appreciate trees, though...

  2. Susan, I appre kate this so mucn.

  3. Your lupine painting is beautiful, as always! Thanks for introducing us to Linda's work.

  4. Thanks for your nice comment to my SANTORINI'S last painting !!!
    I have enjoy too much your wonderful art journey in this amazing blog !!!
    Very nice and interesting paintings !!!
    All the best , Stelios !!!

  5. Tes lupins aimeraient sans aucun doute danser parmi les arbres de la forêt... Il me tarde d'aller à la cueillette des champignons et de me balader en pleine forêt avec unique son celui des chants des oiseaux... sans oublier les senteurs, qui me rappellent un bon verre de bordeaux!
    Gros bisous à toi ma chère Susan.

  6. En effet, Suzanne, ces arbres semblent aussi vrais que nature.
    Bravo à l'artiste!

  7. beautiful!! love the point of view! and thanks for the link to linda! lovely work. trees rule!

  8. Linda's work truely is beautiful. Enjoyed your comment on trees being so prolific. My brother lives out near Seattle and cuts trees out like weeds. for someone from Wyoming it seemd a sin. Most of Wyoming would never support a tree so for miles there is nothing in that way. Even here where I live there is a lot of open country within the forests. We can see the woods in spite of the trees. LOL.

  9. Another full and interesting blog. I am one of those who loves the woods and forests. There is something marvellous about running a forest trail. Once this illness is past I long to be back out there.

  10. I always love Linda's work and learn from her blog!!!

    She has a lot to say and I have a lot to learn!!


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