Thursday, June 7, 2012


Red House
Original oil painting  20x10"
by Susan Roux

Two days ago, Russia called.

It was pretty much passing as an ordinary day. A little excitement stirred as I'd just got word that my art was selected to hang in Portland's art walk during the month of September. The last time my art was up in Portland for a month, I sold 7 paintings. It's hard to forget such a thing and so the excitement about showing again had me smiling and bubbling.

I was behind my easel working on the above painting. My mom was here painting with me. A real special treat. I was down to tweaking my flowers when the phone rang. Luckily I had the insight to place the handset near me and didn't have to go running to answer it. A quick glance at the caller ID made me utter, who's that calling?

Hello Susan. It's Stas Borodin.

You may not know who Stas Borodin is, but I certainly know him well. He's the Russian artist responsible for my exhibition in Saint-Petersburg in June of 2008. A call from Stas is always a welcomed thing!

Stas is a world traveler. He's kind and friendly, making jokes you sometimes don't understand due to the language barrier, but his hardy roar of laughter and a smile that rivals the cheshire cats makes you laugh right along with him! Some people you just feel blessed to have cross paths with and Stas is one of those people. I'm honored to have met such a man. 

He's a master artist. I know, they're rare in today's society and oddly I've had the privilege to meet and paint with two. Don't ask me why I've had these opportunities? I couldn't tell you. Mike says I'm just lucky. 

Perhaps he's right. 

Stas will be visiting in a month. He paints daily. Not at all like some daily painters that take an hour or two a day to paint. No. He lives to paint. From sunup to sundown, he'd be swatting his brush around if he had his way. Stas loves the coast, harbors specifically and we'll be making the jaunt early in the morning so he can take in a full day of painting. He comes equipped for all types of weather and I've never seen a downpour strong enough to keep him from doing his passion. The world is his studio and he is always happily at work!

He's dreamed of going to Monhegan Island. You know, the artist's island 13 miles off the coast of Maine. I really wasn't planning on going to Monhegan this summer, but it seems my plans changed. Yesterday I made reservations from July 8 to the 13. I can only imagine what it will be like to experience it with Stas. A whole new way at looking at a familiar place, I suspect...

I may have the pleasure of his company for two weeks time. He'll run me ragged, I'm sure of that, but it'll be a good ragged. 

Stas always has opportunities up his sleeve. He invited me to join him at a symposium in Normandy, France in September. Oh how I wish! The last symposium he invited me to was at a monastery in Russia. If sales ever begin to skyrocket again, I'll have saved up some money to actually take him up on his offers. These symposiums he speaks of are a gathering of artists from different nations in one place to paint for a few weeks, followed by an exhibition of the work done during that time. Yes! Such things really happen! Doesn't that sound amazing?

Someday. Maybe someday...

So if your phone ever rings and it's a call from Russia, answer it. Who knows it just may be a jolly master Russian artist!

The above painting, Red House, is a crop from a larger piece I'm working on with my Thursday afternoon class. I wanted to paint it wet on wet and it's impossible to do that with my class work. Long periods of drying occur as it sits idly waiting for the next week's session. It's a scene from Ireland. The village is Roscrea. I was told it's the fourth oldest village in Ireland. It was a beautiful place. A cross between ancient and new.

I wrote about Stas last year when he visited. It's here if you care to read more.

Thanks for stopping by. I always appreciate your visit. Please leave me a little hello, just so I'll know you passed through... 

Have a great day, allowing good surprises to happen to you!


  1. You're certain to have a great time painting with Stas on Monhegan-- I'm envious! Best of luck with the artwalk, too. Your new painting looks like a winner, but maybe you should add a touch of red...

  2. Monhegan is so beautiful. Should be a fun time. This painting is lovely--I like the size canvas you used for this--it's an interesting view. Congratulations on Portland. Where will you be?

  3. I'll be at an Irish pub. How appropriate is that? It's called Dock Fore on 336 Fore St in the Old Port. Please do come visit!

  4. Sounds like you will have a great time with Stas. Isn't is wonderful that art can bring people around the world together. Make Paintings.....Not War :)

  5. The red house piece is beautiful, Susan. Lucky you to have so many wonderful connections in the art world.

  6. I feel blessed to have crossed your path! I don't believe in consequences - Stas was meant to be in your life. Sure hope you reconsider Normandy. Life is short - live it with abandon!

  7. There's something about your paintings, that draws me to come back and look again! I love the colors that you used and love the cropped version. Congratulations, Susan!!!

  8. wonderful post and lovely painting my friend.

  9. Ma petite Susan en ce moment je cours je cours tellement que j'allais manquer ta publication!!!
    Je suis heureuse de pouvoir admirer la toile que tu avais en cours achevée... Elle est magnifique.
    Les fleurs courent et jouent bien ensemble...
    Une très belle peinture.
    Je suis heureuse d'apprendre les bonnes nouvelles avec Stas... Il va falloir que tu apprennes à être étanche ma chère!!!...
    Je te fais de gros gros bisous

  10. Susan how wonderful - your friend coming - hope you have a great time together - Your painting of the red house and all of your artwork takes my breath away. Thanks so much for sharing and God Bless.

  11. The angles and slice are just great! An abstract feel that provides a wonderful composition!

  12. Bright lovely painting and a most interesting post! Congratulations on all accounts. I'm looking forward to your adventures with Stas on Monhegan!

  13. Wonderful format and composition. Great job with the reds.

  14. le chaperon rouge aimerait habiter dans cette jolie maison!

  15. What a beautiful, happy painting Susan. I love the reds.

    It sounds like you are going to have a very exciting July.

  16. Oh wow! I think a call like that would make my life:))

  17. Hi Susan! Love the red house and your delightful stories.

  18. Wow - this sounds so exciting! I know you will keep us posted on all the happy painting news from Mohegan Island in July!


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