Thursday, August 15, 2013

Color Workshop

Burning Through the Fog
Original oil painting  24x36"
by Susan Roux

This is for all of you spontaneous artists out there.

I was approached by an out-of-state artist who requested I teach a workshop at the end of this month. I've decided to honor her request. Most slots filled quickly by my current students, but there remains a few slots open. It will be an intimate/friendly workshop, held in Poland, Maine. Bring your oil paints and your sense of humor!

The focus is on color. Understanding color and using it creatively to aid in capturing your emotional response to your subject. I won't try to change your painting style, just arm you with new color-usage tools. Capture form while using color creatively. We will work with a series of exercises, a painting demo and time for artists to practice what they've learned while I assist everyone with helpful instructions. My students who took this workshop last year improved in leaps and bounds. It was so visible to all those students who hadn't participated that those who had were approaching painting with a new found fearlessness to color that translated into beautiful work. I'm positive I can help you move forward in your own artistic journey. What do you have to loose?

Dates: August 26, 27, 28. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

Time: 9-4

Location: Poland, Maine

Bargain price: $100. for 3 days

Contact me if you're spontaneous and interested.


  1. Susan it's good to see you posting. The workshop sounds really good and I love the piece you have shared with us. Color is a great topic for a workshop. A couple of weeks ago I taught a workshop about how to paint a large painting (16x20 & up) from a small plein air study. I had a great time and learned a lot myself!
    It's nice that we have so much in common and I'd like to try and keep in touch a bit more.
    Have you considered doing the 30 day challenge with Leslie Saeta in September?

  2. I really like the way you introduced your workshop, saying that you don't seek to change your students' styles, just give them some new tools to use. I wish I could go! I know it will be good.

  3. Very beautiful art work !!!
    Happy weekend !!!

  4. Beautiful work, Susan!! I wish you weren't so far from Long Island!!! I know I would learn so much from you!!!

  5. I am amazed at how perfectly you have captured that hazy look of refracted light with soft and beautiful color.
    I have no doubt that the lucky students in your workshop will improve in leaps and bounds - how could they not with you as the instructor! Have a fun workshop - I wish I could attend!

  6. Un petit coucou par là!... et c'est sûrement le parfum de ces magnifiques fleurs qui ont attiré mon attention jusque chez moi !...
    Un grand plaisir que de découvrir l'aboutissement de cette très jolie peinture aux couleurs extraordinaires...
    Je te fais de gros bisous en attendant que nous puissions dialoguer via skype... peut-être cet après-midi ?

  7. Burning Through the Fog is just lovely Susan! and best of luck with the students!

  8. j'aime toujours autant venir sur votre blog, même si je ne laisse pas toujours un commentaire.
    Ces couleurs sont sublimes!
    Bonne semaine, Cath.


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