Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thanks Don

My husband, Mike
Day-3 of the workshop 20x16"
by Susan Roux

My house feels empty.

Yesterday I drove Don Hatfield and his lovely wife Janey to Wiscasset, Maine where their holiday is continuing. They have been living with us for the past week or so and today, morning coffee is quiet and lonely. Don thought I would be happy to finally get my house back, but as I suspected, its just the opposite...

I met Don blogging. Somehow our interaction turned to an invitation and evolved into him coming to teach a workshop in Maine. What a gift! Stephanie Berry wrote in detail about the workshop. Click her if you're interested in reading all about it. As for myself, I can tell you this will mark a turning point in my art and possibly my career.

Aside from being hysterical, Don is a wealth of knowledge eager to share his talents. He's given me a new perspective and after all these years of painting, a new way of looking at things. How unusual to have your eyes opened anew. My mind is whizzing with so much information. I'm trying to process it and soon put it to the test, painting.

Since very early in my blogging, I've urged you to reach out and meet new people. Here I am today echoing that same message. You never know where it will lead you. Its always an adventure and sometimes a precious gift.

Don you've been a precious gift. Thank you.


  1. Love the light in this piece. I, too, have met great people through blogging. That is a fun part of it!

  2. Great portrait. I love those brushstrokes.

  3. Sounded like a great workshop, Susan. Plus, I don't believe that anything in life happens by chance. It's all by design. You were supposed to meet Don! Take care. So happy to see your post! Susan

  4. Love your portrait of Mike--AND the others you did in the workshop. Again many thanks for taking the initative on getting Don to Maine.

  5. Did you paint this portrait of your husband during or as a result of the workshop??? WOW... It's spectacular!! Love the colors in the skin... just wonderful...

    How wonderful that you got to meet and paint with another fellow blogger!! Life is richer, that way.

  6. Marian, it was painted during the workshop. I haven't begun painting as a result yet. I'm still processing all this information..!

  7. Nothing like a good workshop to get us going n growing...
    (and don't wait too long to paint again)

  8. Hi Susan,
    Je comprends que ton coeur puisse être vide à présent mais tellement plein de nouvelles richesses... à toi de les exploiter au mieux et tu le feras... Bisous

  9. I love the energy in the brushstrokes and light in this portrait! I like your blog, too!

  10. Yes the brushstrokes dance in this one. I like how soft it is and how you have treated disntinct areas/planes

  11. Susan you are a wonderful person and an inspiration to all who meet you. It surprises me no that so many people read your blog and comment apon it.

  12. Don had us really focused on the light and the planes. Glad it shows...

  13. A great tribute to what sounds like a fine gentleman. Nice job, Susan.

  14. Your portrait of Mike is stunning! I love the quality you've achieved with your paint. Sounds like a fabulous workshop. When a painter of your caliber states she's learned something new- I pay attention! I joined Don's blog- and I appreciate the introduction. Your words and work always inspire Susan. Thank you.

  15. Thanks for visiting by blog...I love your painterly style in this portrait, the brush work and edges are wonderful.

  16. Susan,

    Thank you so much for the follow! You have a wonderful site here with plenty of inspiration to fuel me.

    Enjoy the weekend,

  17. A lovely portrait Susan.
    I enjoy your blog very much indeed with some wonderful artwork. I hope you will allow me to follow your blog again.
    Kind Regards

  18. Hi Susan.
    I love this Portrait of your Husband. Also your Loopings. I am a follower of yours now. All the best Susan.


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