Monday, July 26, 2010


From the Clover
Original oil Painting 20x16"
by Susan Roux

Ok. I admit it. Taking a workshop can totally throw you, no matter how wonderful a workshop it was. Admitting you have things to learn and be willing to change your approach takes great commitment. Don Hatfield opened my eyes to things I've never noticed before. It is impossible to return to where I was prior to this enlightenment. One must move forward.

From the Clover was started before I took the workshop.

Some of the things I learned, or perhaps was reminded of, was focusing on lights and darks. Though I think it has always been my focus, there were elements that I missed. Elements like the necessity of grays. I pondered this for some time before daring to approach this painting.

How do I go about it now? That was the real question.

This composition was not the best to apply my new found knowledge. A sharper contrast between lights and darks would have been better. Nonetheless, I attempted to put it into action. I added grays. I focused on the light. I tried to keep my colors accurate.

When you attempt something new, there's so much to focus on. We all know that thinking while painting hampers the natural emotional flow we strive to achieve. I know in time I'll be able to do these things without thinking and what is within me will pour out easily again. For now, my work is cut out. I can see a direction to follow. It makes sense and its stimulating. This will be a time of experimenting and learning.

I'm really hoping to see significant improvement in my work from this experience. That may be too much to expect, but I expect it anyway...

Time will tell.

(note: I couldn't adjust the colors accurately on this photo. It gave me lots of trouble. I've photographed it 10 times in different light to get it right. Still, it isn't... There's a lot to be said for viewing the original art.)


  1. Beautiful painting, Susan!
    Yes, workshops add so much info so fast, don't they? It takes time to process it all and incorporate the improvements into your work. So, don't let it get to you; just keep painting. Stay aware of depth issues and good composition and you'll be fine.
    Your work is gorgeous and that fact in itself won't change.
    Happy Painting ~

  2. ce travail est formidable, une belle réussite!

  3. Sometimes it is frustrating to always be trying to learn new things... but it is always rewarding in the end.. when you see yourself progress!
    Good for you..... we all should try to be continual learners!

  4. Hi Susan, A wonderful paintings, depth, chromaticism, staggered spaces, termination, the ranking of the elements, you got one of your best work. really brilliant.
    warm regards, Fernando.

  5. Lovely painting. Susan! It always takes time to come down after a workshop. You are putting it all together nicely. Cheers! Susan :)

  6. Stunning work Susan! I look forward to seeing more, more, more!

  7. Hi Susan, the painting is beautiful. Have you ever been to Tony Moffitt's Painting Realism Blog? You should check it out. He gives some great tips and advice.

  8. What a transformation Susan. You came up with a really marvelous painting.

  9. Je pense que tu réussiras parfaitement dans ce que tu as entrepris déjà dans ton esprit... Il suffit que tu te laisses aller. Cette nouvelle gymnastique deviendra peu à peu des gestes rituels et laissera libre ta créativité, ton élan... Bisous. J'aime ces trèfles... Les as-tu goûtés... Tellement sucrés! Bisousssss

  10. Thanks for sharing all you learned and can see how it impacted your painting. It's so wonderful. The addition of the subtle shades of gray makes all the other colors just pop. Love it - and thanks for following me!!!

  11. Great perspective, depth and colouring .... lovely work :-)

  12. Beaucoup de charme. On a envie d'y être...


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