Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Alternative Venues

Golden Marsh
Original oil painting 24x36"
by Susan Roux

Yesterday I got to play decorator!

A magnificent old house with tons of rooms was recently turned into A Center for Healing Arts Therapy. A dear friend gave them my name and voila it came to be that I received the fun job of hanging art throughout the space.

I brought 23 paintings (mostly large, some really large) and 7 photographs which I hand-picked from my husband, Michael McAllister's collection. I expected to have strict rules and guidelines presented to me, even a scrutinizing of what I intended to hang. But no. Complete carte blanche. How wonderful is that?

After unloading all 30 pieces, I had the two available therapists come give me an idea of their preferences. I wanted to hang images in their areas they'd really like. Aside from that, three floors of lovely colored walls waited patiently for my selection. Up stairs. Down Stairs. In the stairwell. Hallways. Waiting rooms. Rooms and rooms and rooms... So many rooms and doors, that at times I was getting lost.

During the process, another lady arrived and asked if I was the new acupuncturist. Oh no, I assured her. I was the artists here to hang art. Her face lit up and she immediately asked if I would hang some in her room. She unlocked a door to reveal a beautifully decorated space with one large empty wall. She was the message therapist and just entering her room made one begin to relax... I had the perfect piece for her. The 24x36" Golden Marsh posted above complimented her empty wall as though the room had been decorated with the anticipation of its arrival. It took her breath away... (It's actually softer than this older image portrays. You know how it is with photos.)

I won't tell you I wasn't stiff when I returned home. This was far from the normal workout I get standing behind my easel all day long! Seriously. Three floors, thirty pieces of art, but it was a good tired. Whenever the therapists' had breaks between clients, they were seen exploring the house examining what I had hung and how it transformed their space. The smiles couldn't be wiped of their faces. Wouldn't it be great to be able to market that? The look original art puts on people's faces. It's priceless, yet many people have never experienced it.

The center is having an opening soon and I'll use the opportunity to advertise it as an art opening as well. Will art sell there? I don't know. But I'm holding steadfast to the concept of being open to alternative places of exposure. Catching the Rain, as Eric Rhoads put it. After all, what are we suppose to do with accumulating inventory???

Rick was asking me if there exists an art orphanage to send them all to. I know I'm not alone in this respect.

What alternative venues have you found? Are they working? Sales generated? Please share your findings.


  1. Loved this story...not only the fun of you getting to play decorator but you share my thoughts that almost any wall is better than under the bed! I think this is an esp great venue as people will associate your art with relaxation...a subtle way to extend the feeling of healing. By all means capitalize on the opening...and make a flyer about you and your art to put at the checkout desk....a place you can mention sales and prices (upon request). I am betting you sell! good luck.

  2. une histoire à se faire vif.
    bonne exposition!

  3. My God! that painting is really so good, I simply love the color, so pleasing to the eye, an apt painting to hang at that therapist's room. Congratulations for getting that project.

  4. My gosh! How fun that must have been! Don't you just love when people just let you do your thing!! I've not exhibited in any alternative spaces yet, but think it's a fabulous idea. I hope you see some success come from it! If nothing else, it's just another place you've shared your beautiful work with so many!!

  5. Absolutely Beautiful! So colorful!

  6. That sounded like a win-win situation, Susan. You will benefit (hopefully) and the workers there and clients will DEFINITELY benefit. Great job! Susan

  7. This sounds like a match made in heaven. Your marsh painting is beautiful.

  8. What a wonderful opportunity and a satisfying experience!!!

  9. Tu trouves toujours de bonnes idées ma chère... et pourquoi pas en profiter pour te faire masser un peu les cervicales... Beau projet. Gros bisous ma chérie.

  10. Wonderful opportunity Susan! And what a huge job that must have been. May you get some sales from it. Your marsh painting is lovely.

  11. Wow , what a gratification , and the Golden Marsh is absolutely stunning!

  12. What a delightful story. This puts a big smile on my face and it's not even my stuff! Your Golden Marsh painting found a perfect home, it is already relaxing looking. I would love to see pictures of the house with all the art installed. Did you take any pictures?

  13. My feelings are that this is an amazing opportunity for you and your husband! That is going to be the best art show ever!!! (I always notice the art in doctor's offices and hospitals when I am there and I also always wonder about the artist!)


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