Saturday, April 9, 2011

Susan Roux Workshop

Oil Painting Workshop

Offered by Susan Roux

Date: August 12-13-14, 2011

Location: Poland, ME

Cost: $200.

Paint the landscape indoors.

We will not work in plein air, in order to slow the pace down allowing time to focus on certain elements that will enhance your landscapes. Capturing distance, atmospheric perspective, neutralizing colors, sun/shadow play and patterns, three-dimensional form and focusing on good design. What is good design? How do we implement it into our work? These are some of the points we'll be addressing during the 3-day session.

Working from photographs has it's challenges. Many of us like the comforts of painting in the studio and understanding how to deal with the information on a photograph is important. We will address this with regards to color enhancement and adding emotion into your work. If you understand where a photo is deficient, it becomes easier to compensate on your canvas to capture a more realistic look.

I have been teaching for nearly a decade. All levels of experience are invited. Come laugh and join in the fun as I work with you to help you improve your landscapes.

To sign up, please contact me

I look forward to meeting you and working together.


  1. These paintings are lovely.

  2. Hi Susan, just saw you workshot posting. Did you know this is the same weekend as the Moore Park Art Festival in So. Paris? That is the time I took off for vacation as I am entering the festival and my family is coming from MA to support me. I was hoping to maybe meet some local bloggers if they stopped by my booth. Maybe another time. I do hope you get a wonderful turnout.

  3. Hi Susan!
    I loved their work, are very creative and very original.
    Visit my blog.
    Greetings from Brazil.

  4. These are both exquisitely beautiful pieces, Susan. I so wish I could come!

  5. Oh Susan, the paintings shown in today's post are so beautiful. The workshop sounds great. Susan

  6. Have fun at your workshop, Susan - i wish i could attend!

  7. I love theses compositions. Roses are beautiful.

  8. How I wish I could sign up for some time under your tuition I learn so much from the blog .

  9. Merci ma chère sister pour ce gentil compliment laissé sur mon blog... J'espère trouver un moment pour te parler...
    J'ADORE cette toile, je trouve que tu travailles à merveille les bosquets de fleurs. La nature te va si bien que tu convaincrais n'importe quel novice à vouloir jardiner... Généreuse et belle peinture, bravo!
    Comme j'aurais aimé pouvoir me joindre à toi...
    Gros bisous

  10. I love the paintings and I think that once you learn what photos do and don't contain as far as information goes, you can paint from them.

  11. Susan, I am so happy to see you are teaching your own workshop! Your work is so lovely! Too bad I'll be gone by then!

  12. Love the light in your paintings!


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