Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Susan Roux Workshop 2012

Original oil painting  18x24"
by Susan Roux

I'll be teaching an oil painting workshop in August and would love it if you'd join us in three days of fun with color! The focus of the workshop will be on Color and Value and it's purpose with regards to design.

It will be three days packed with exploring color. Come stimulate yourself as we dive fearlessly into luscious color! Learn to add excitement to your paintings while remaining in control. 

Do you fear color? Are you having trouble with color harmony when using too many? Are you limiting yourself for fear of not achieving harmony otherwise? How about neutralizing? Is making mud a problem? 

Then this workshop is for you!

I'll be explaining many properties of color to help you understand it, thus help you keep it in control. 

Free yourself by allowing your inner creativity to unleash on canvas. Learn to add visual excitement to your work. Let your paintbrush dance on the canvas. Don't be so preoccupied about staying within the lines and achieving harmony will become an ease. 

I'll encourage you to apply paint in various ways to help you expand your choices of brushstrokes. We'll be working wet into wet. As the paint gets thicker on the canvas, we can begin to push and pull paint around. Drag your brush, twist your brush, just let it dance on the canvas! Free your spirited energy to just pour out.

Depending how tight or loose you want to keep your paintings, I'll show you how to bring this burst of color into shape. Color and value work together to create the illusion of light, depth and form. As a unit, they can help direct the viewers eye around the canvas, adding power to the overall design. 

This workshop is intended for all levels. 

Come to Maine during the dog days of summer and deepen your understanding of color!

Hope to see you soon...

For further information click here.

Note: You may remember seeing the distance in this painting. It was posted in February before the entire painting was complete. This painting is at Blue Hill Bay Gallery in Blue Hill, Maine. For purchasing information, please contact Peter. 


  1. bonne chance pour ce workshop.. des couleurs plein la tête!!

  2. absolutely... amazingly.... gorgeous beyond words.

  3. Susan your workshop sounds wonderful and your painting, with all those luscious close ups, is like a dream! How I wish I could join you in Maine - I have a feeling that you not only are a superb instructor but you will fill your students with inspiration and motivation! Lucky them!

  4. Couleurs vous me faites chavirer de bonheur... Alors allez-y ! jetez-vous à l'eau...
    gros bisous

  5. The light-filled distance is beautiful! Hope your workshop fills with all of the right people to make it the best ever.

  6. This is a pretty piece, Susan. Those distant trees are what really draw me into this piece. The light is especially nice.

  7. Best of luck with the workshop!

  8. Why do you have to be so far away, Susan!? I would love to join you. I love this painting..soft and beautiful!!

  9. You've given good advice, Susan, especially for applying paint. I just taught a beginning oil class and was reminded how important it is to vary the directions of brushstrokes. Although it seems intuitive to some folks, it is not for so for everyone.

  10. Love your painting, Susan! You have planned an information packed workshop!!

  11. lovely work as always. you are an inspiration. thank you so much for your continued support my friend. your constant contact helped me more than you'll ever know.

  12. Beautiful painting!!! Your workshop sound fantastic!

  13. Great stuff...I have so much more to learn in my art adventure!



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