Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Art Takes Time Square

Original oil painting  16x12"
by Susan Roux

I suspect by now many of you have heard about Art Takes Time Square. It'll be an exhibition via the big screens in Times Square. Imagine your art popping up for thousands of people to see. The rules for this exhibition are rather unique and because of that, I need your help.

Artists have set up their own page. This includes your artist photo, a statement and up to 9 images of your work. At the top of each page are three icon links. One is for Info, the second is Collect Me and the third a Share button. Each artists must collect votes through the Collect Me button. An artist needs a total of at least 77 votes to be part of the exhibition. I currently have 61 votes. 

Please click to get to my page where you can then click the "Collect Me" button. I'm just 16 votes away from being part of this unusual exhibition! Your vote counts and could help me visualize this big event.

The site is through Facebook, so you'll be asked to sign onto your Facebook account. 

I thank you for your time and your vote!

I'm not sure if the exhibition is still taking new artists, but do check and let me know if I can help  you by giving you my vote! Good Luck to all.

Note: Buttercups is at The Wright Gallery if your interested in purchasing. Charlie will take very good care of you!


  1. J'aimerais courir dans ce champs de renoncules... comme je le faisais dans les herbes hautes fleuries lorsque j'étais petite...
    une très jolie peinture avec un beau mouvement dans les fleurs ce qui les rend aériennes.
    Gros bisous et... pour le vote. Je m'en vais voir!

  2. Love the field of flowers; a perfect country image.

  3. Beautiful painting. Good luck in Times Square! I will vote for you immediately. I have a page to and would love your vote.


  4. Gorgeous golden light , a very friendly and inviting atmosphere! Good luck with the exhibition !

  5. j'ai cliqué... mais ça n'a pas fonctionné

  6. Another gorgeous painting!!! The best of luck with the exhibition..I'm sure it will be a success.

  7. Hi Susan, where does it say you'll need 77 votes to be part of the exhibition? have been the FAQs etc and I can't find it. :^) Thanks! Patsy


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