Sunday, August 5, 2012

Don Stone, NA

Monhegan Blues

Original oil painting  20x16"

by Susan Roux


Great moments. Special moments. Are you experiencing them?

I hope you're not waiting around for them to simply happen. It helps to set up opportunities that allows them to occur. Put your wheels in motion by sewing a few seeds that just might flourish into something special and deliciously unexpected. It's what keeps life interesting. My summer has been filled with such moments.

Like the day Russia called. Or the moment master artist, Don Stone was inquiring all over Monhegan Island for me. I'm sure he didn't remember my face, but there he was speaking my name to everyone he saw. Imagine my shock and delight when a new acquaintance approached me with the news that Don Stone was looking for me! I'm certain my jaw hit the ground briefly, but I quickly tried to regain my composure like it was a natural occurrence. Don Stone, NA uttering the name Susan Roux. To this day, it still makes me laugh to think he was talking to everyone about me.

Where is Susan Roux? She told me she'd be on the island this week and I'm still waiting for her to come visit!

Yes I did write to Don with my arrival date. I expected to introduce Stas Borodin, my Russian master artist to him. But we were only a few short days into our stay... All the stimulation Monhegan holds, makes it difficult to find time to take the short uphill walk to Don's studio.

Stas was reluctant to go. Taking precious daylight painting time to go visit an artist's studio was not his idea of fun. But I dragged him away anyhow, all the while agreeing to his 5 minute visit allotment.

Who's that greeting us at the door?

It's none other than Don Stone himself waiting for us at his studio. I have to tell you, the visit lasted longer than 5 minutes... After all, how can you rush the opportunity to view his incredible art? Even master Stas was amazed! 

If you find yourself on Monhegan, do yourself a favor and go meet this witty charming man. You won't regret loosing painting time to this experience. Tell him Susan Roux sent you. He knows who I am now...

It was wonderful to see two great artists appreciating each others work. Here is Don at an impromptu exhibition I set up for Stas on Monhegan. Yes I do it all. Paint, hosts artists, introduce artists, set up exhibits and be the immediate PR person. It might be a lot, but it leads me to some really amazing special moments. Special moments that make my heart smile.

I hope you're having some of your own too!

Note: Monhegan Blues is how you feel after you return home from Monhegan and reflect with all those amazing photos you took of the place...


  1. le toit rouge illumine le paysage avec le personnage.. splendide.. et les rencontres sont chaleureuses...bravo!

  2. That sounds so exciting! Of course he would be seeking you out... you're an amazing artist! This painting is exquisite, by the way! I love the softness of the flowers and the way you positioned the person just right.

  3. Hi Susan....So glad you are having fun! By the way, whatever happened with Don's grandkids? Are they with him or are you at liberty to say? Just curious. Susan

  4. You are wonderful!!! And you certainly deserve all this GOOD coming your way.

  5. Cool beans, Susan-- Now you can say things like, "When I was at Don's..." or "Don and I like to paint Monhegan..." and "Don Stone? Yeah, I know him..."

    Good painting BTW!

  6. How wonderful Susan! Monhegan is such a great place. I'd love to get back there sometime. Not sure about dragging all the paint gear though?

  7. Susan I came for your beautiful painting and stayed for this great post! how cool! warmest regards to you from Texas.

  8. Great post and love the photos so we can put faces with names. Lovely painting as usual too!

  9. Susan, what a great story - and a great painting to go along with it. Thanks for sharing this experience. You must be a very compassionate and giving person and that's why good things come your way :)

  10. Monhegan Blues is so atmospheric - so softly beautiful. And what a wonderful and inspiring story. It must be very exciting to be in the company of such great artists - and I know they felt that way about being with you as well, Susan. Thanks for sharing your wonderful art adventures with us!

  11. Another inspiring and marvellous post and once again I just want to go and read it again. Thak You.


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