Monday, December 10, 2012


Purple Passion
Original oil painting  16x20"
by Susan Roux

Company. Isn't it part of the holidays? The best part, I'd say. I have to confess I love having people stay over. Whether loved ones arriving or casual acquaintances, it puts the house in an air of celebration.

Purple Passion developed quite differently than my previous still life. When I look at it, it reminds me of the feeling of holiday company. There's a big difference in hosting a holiday meal and having overnight guests. The meal has the house filled to capacity with a fancy table and wonderful smells wafting through the air. Overnight company, on the other hand, is filled with special quiet moments that can remain in your heart forever. 

Like early morning conversation when only two people in the house have awaken. It doesn't matter that your hair is a mess, nor that you're in your bathrobe. Some nice quality time emerges while sipping your first cup of coffee. Don Hatfield and I met like this every morning when he visited a few years ago. As you can imagine, conversations were always deep and about art. Priceless... The same is true with the evening. Cuddled up in front of the warm fire sipping whatever makes you feel cozy inside. This is what I see when I look at this painting. The fancy of company with warm hugs surrounding it all.

My middle son arrives today. I'm ecstatic. Yes I still have plenty to do before my house is company ready. It's exactly like what I read recently on Sally Rosenbaum's blog, the reason women have difficulty rising in their careers to the same capacity as men is: We don't have wives! Consequently, if we're devoted to our work, the house suffers. Let me tell you, I've been very devoted to my art! So after this post, I'll be busy with a plethora of household chores...

I know I'll miss my routine of painting. I always do in December. My classes will still run as usual for the most part. Students really need the break from holiday madness this time of year. They're so thankful for a reprieve and a bit of stress-free time with a brush in their hands. I too am happy to pick up my brushes. What I miss the most is time to paint on my own. 

Come January I'm usually ready to explode on canvas! (not a bad thing.)

So if I don't post again before Christmas or don't stop by as often as usual, know that I'm cozied up in front of the fire sipping something special with my very welcomed company.

Happy holidays to all of you. May you find time to enjoy those special quiet moments amidst the hustle. I also want to take time to thank all of you for stopping by throughout the year. Whether you leave a comment or not, I love that you take time to pop in. And for those of you who are so dedicated to leaving me a little note, know you're the ones who put a huge smile on my face... Blessings to all and have a safe and happy holiday.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Project Graduation Raffle

Magical Garden
Original oil painting  16x20"
by Susan Roux

Are you familiar with Project Graduation?

It's a good program organized by Mom's of high school seniors to raise money for a safe graduation party. I don't know if you recall, but each year there were news of seniors dying in car accidents after celebrating their graduation by partying it up too much. It was sad indeed. So sad actually that parents, mother's particularly, began Project Graduation.

The fundraising goes on all year. A huge alcohol-free celebration is planned. It's a big secret. Not a secret that the fundraising is going on, but a secret as to the location of the party and the activities involved. Depending on the amount raised, more "fun things" can be rented to spice up the party. The seniors are bussed away, directly following the graduation ceremony and don't return until the following morning. It's an all nighter with all their friends and everyone arrives home safe.

Arriving home safe. That's the whole purpose of this project.

I remember one of my sons cruised out on Casco Bay. (That's where Portland Head Light sits.) Imagine the fun all night with the city lights as a backdrop? He recalls it as a blast and so romantic. My other son was taken to a resort. Indoor pool for the whole senior class! How fun! They also had rented sumo costumes. Yes big inflated puffy costumes  and they had wrestling matches. His stories were priceless! 

And everyone arrived home safe...

The above painting is my donation to the project. It's hanging in the school lobby showcase all dressed up in a beautiful 3" gold frame. Raffle tickets are being sold until the drawing on February 9. 

Would you like a chance at winning this original Susan Roux? (I'll tell you, it's much prettier in life than on this photo...) 

Tickets are $3.00 each or $5.00 for two.

It's a great deal! Someone will walk off with Magical Garden at this low price. Shouldn't it be you?

Just send me an email or snail mail me at:

Susan Roux
50 Bishop Rd.
Poland Spring, ME 04274

Your donations are really appreciated. Please take a few minutes to buy a chance. After all, it's like we're giving it away!

Thank you in advance for your kindness. You might also want to contact your local high school and make a donation towards their project graduation. After all it's for the safety of our kids!

Thank you very much.