Monday, August 11, 2014

Color Workshop

Original oil painting  20x16"
by Susan Roux

Are you ready to use color freely? Would you like to be confident enough to use color freely? Are you caught in a cycle where you paint mostly with local color? Let's change that.

Sign up for a color workshop now!
October 13, 14 and 15
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
Roux & Cyr International Fine Art Gallery
48 Free Street
Portland, Maine

Join in the fun as we explore color and arm you with the tools necessary to use color creatively. Color is emotion in a painting and you can learn to manipulate the emotion your paintings emit. Don't be satisfied by just capturing the essence of your subject, learn to be in control of how your painting "feels". 

Take a look in the shadows of her dress. So much excitement and interest can be captured with the creative use of color. Be in control of color harmony in your paintings. 

Play with color. Let it explode on canvas while still capturing your forms. You'll have so much fun letting your brush dip into all those pretty colors on your palette. Aren't you ready for a color party? Aren't your paintings ready for a color party?

Sign up now. Limited space available. Contact me soon before it's all booked up!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Sea Angel  
Original oil painting  24x18"
by Susan Roux

Things here are very exciting as the opening of Roux & Cyr International Fine Art Gallery nears. We have a wonderful body of 25 artists, representing 6 countries. You can see them all on our website. Come view the beautiful work that will be adorning our gallery walls!

Our Grand Opening is: 
Memorial Day Weekend
 Saturday, May 24, 2014 

You are all invited to attend. If you can't make it but find yourself in Portland Maine at some point, please stop in! We are at 48 Free Street, across the street from the Civic Center in the Arts District. I'd be very happy to show you around!

We will not be a typical art gallery. We have a lot going on and are working to be community friendly and an inviting place for people to come see art, talk about art, learn about art, create art and last but not least buy art! I'll be busy in our back studio continuing to teach weekly courses to beginners and intermediates. We will also be offering workshops from our very talented artists, so keep an eye out for anyone you'd like to learn from. You can also contact me with a request and I'll urge that artist to set up a workshop. Our first scheduled workshop is a 2-day workshop by artist Sandra Leinonen Dunn on August 7-8, 2014. It is at a very reasonable cost of $200. Please contact me if you'd like to attend. 

Bean Pot and Green Apple
Original oil painting  16x20"
by Sandra Leinonen Dunn

The best way to keep up with this schedule is through our Facebook page. Please come like us here. Don't forget to share us as well! It's the best place to keep up with our latest news, rotating monthly exhibits, any events and openings. You can also let me know if you'd like to be on our mailing list by emailing me. Unfortunately as you already know, my blogging time has been severely cut since I began planning this gallery a full year ago. It's no longer the most efficient way to keep up with our news.

I must admit that I miss coming here and interacting with all of you. I also miss seeing all your great art. It's so inspiring to see how committed you are and how often you post. It helped motivate me as well. 

So what happens to an artist when they decide to open a large art gallery?

Every emotion you can think of! I'm busy beyond comprehension, but doing all the work with love and passion. It's been amazing to start with a vision and step by step move it forward until eventually all the parts fall into place. Watching it all turn into reality... Paintings are beginning to pour into my home and that like none other, is making it all feel so real. The day we enter our space and begin to build wall partitions will be huge as well. 

Thank you for stopping by and do leave a comment so I'll know you came. Don't forget to like us on Facebook and email me if you'd like to join our gallery mailing list. Have a good day!