Sunday, June 27, 2010

The island

There was magic on Deer Isle.

I thought I was going to Blue Hill to paint the lupines for a week. Blue Hill is both a peninsula and a town on the peninsula. The lovely home I rented was off the tip of the peninsula, on Deer Isle. Little did I know, once on the island, you don't leave...

There's no need to. No desire to.

The quiet charming beauty grows stronger on you as the days go by. By midweek, we were all contemplating buying a house here. The island had a magic pull and it caught us, full force. The people. The ways of the island. The magnificent flowers. The amazing coastline. The incredible light.

Yet another artists' paradise...

A slowed down pace was the heartbeat of the island. Karen, Chris and I set our easels up in the lupines. Literally.

It was on Ken's property. We never asked permission to be there, though there was a phone number posted on a tiny sign. The lupines had cast a spell on us and we simply couldn't resist jumping right in.

It wasn't long before a red truck pulled up. Was it Ken? The three of us were giggling as the man parked. Would he kick us out? What would he say? We were after-all, in his yard.

It was Denis. He said Ken would arrive soon. No, not a problem that we're there. Just the opposite, in fact. It was seen as a great compliment to have artists on your property! Lucky us. They even took a series of photographs. The three nutty ladies... painting in their lupines.

We returned to the lovely spot on the cove for several days. Over and over, several times a day, Denis stopped by to chat. Didn't he need to be at work? The daily pace here on the island was reminiscent of that of Ireland. People, free and happy to stop and talk with you. Like they had nothing else to do that day... How I'd love to figure out how to live that way! It really makes me wonder why we spend so much time rushing around. Could it really be unnecessary? These people seemed to think so.

Smiles beamed from the local's faces. There was a great sense of excitement in the air that folks had come to visit them and their precious island. They were genuinely happy to greet their tourists. Wow. That doesn't happen everywhere...

We were very productive during our stay. I have many paintings started and will be working to complete them soon. Karen Choquet has her first exhibit, a solo exhibit at that, scheduled to hang on Thursday. She too will be putting finishing touches on her new works soon!

Its been a great week...

Thanks for stopping by. You're visit is much appreciated.


  1. Wonderful Susan, I can see why you were powerless to resist the call of those lovely lupines!! This area is just beautiful.

  2. ahhhh...a slice of Heaven...

  3. Oh, Susan. Sounds divine. Absolutely divine. Is that located in Maine? I love your paintings...very beautiful. Susan

  4. It looks so peaceful and cool there in the shade.

  5. Hi Susan, Thank you for joining my blog. I read the story of the lupines. What a special place and nice people you told us about. Your paintings are beautiful and also the photo's. Looking forward to the next post, greetings, Lilian

  6. Enjoyed reading that. An artist's retreat sounds wonderful! When you figure out that apparently idyllic lifestyle please post it on your blog :-)

    P.S. Visited Deer Isle a couple of years ago... loved it... but it was misty rain so no good pics :-(

  7. Not much to say except .... WOW!!!!

  8. Hi Susan,
    I'm very happy to read you and be able to visit you by the different photos. I'm happy for you with the lupines. I knew you were afraid of they're wilted. I would have been happy if i was with you to spend these wonderful moments.
    I'm kindled to see quickly your new paintings...
    I'm sending you a lot of kisses.

  9. comme j'aimerais peindre avec vous dans les lupins!!
    c'est très plaisant de lire le commentaire avec google traduction...c'est fantasque et surréaliste!
    un petit salut depuis la suisse! elfi

  10. Susan, I love your stories of the lupines. It is evident in your paintings how beautiful they are. Thank you for sharing with other artists. You have inspired us all!


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