Friday, March 5, 2010

Its Booked!

Blue Hill, here we come!

I rented this place on Blue Hill Peninsula (Maine) for a week in June. As you know, I've been looking into it. I want to go paint lupines by the ocean as posted in Booklets.

Well I finally made my decision on where to stay. One that wasn't very hard to make. Just look at this wonderful cottage??? no... house that I found! How could I resist? Affirmative confirmation from an artist friend was all I needed to clinch the deal. As soon as I received her phone call saying she would come, I was on the phone reserving it. What a beautiful doll house to go play in!

Pack your paints Baby, here we go!

I don't think it will be difficult to find a few other takers to join us. Martine-Alison, my wonderful artist friend in France, is even thinking of it. Buy your plane tickets, honey. Let's make it a reality! A painting holiday with wonderful artists friends... Just what the doctor ordered.

How could I resist this wicker sunroom or these charming bedrooms?

There's four in all!

The kitchen is huge and fully equipped.

We even have two outdoor decks that run the length of the house.

Carol, the owner, was most pleasant and helpful. She informed me of a lupine festival that will be going on when we arrive. She'll be leaving a brochure, which by the way, has maps and directions to all the largest lupine fields in the area. Perfect!

I must really be ready for a vacation. I leave Wednesday for a week in sunny Florida and I'm booking a place for June...

I told Mike, I must need a break more than I realize.


  1. congrats Susan! this place is gorgeous, I know you will be able to get a lot of beauty created in such a heavenly space! I know the feeling, I really need a break too, am off to Art Fest at the end of the month with a few days to play in Portland....

  2. je viens!
    c'est une plaisanterie...dommage.

  3. That place looks wonderful! I hope you enjoy your stay Susan. I wish I had that sort of set up in our kitchen.

  4. Il est fort possible que je t'accompagne... ma folie sera alors complète!!! mais tellement douce celle-ci et énergisante! Bisous et bon voyage aujourd'hui Susan.

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  6. It looks good. I wish I could go for sure.

  7. Blue Hill and Deer Isle are two of my most favorite places. This house is so sweet and inviting!! I'm sure you'll be returning!


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