Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Original oil Painting 20x16"
by Susan Roux

A quick side note to my last post, Toemailer has informed me of a program called Gimp. I'm not at all familiar with it, but its an image manipulation program that allows you to alter your photos. Gimp is free to download! So thank you Toemailer for letting us know. Many people don't have Photoshop and a free software to fix photos is welcomed and necessary.

Ok, I know there aren't only art blogs out there. But have you ever gone searching out of our little community? I must confess I really haven't. I follow a few writing blogs, but it still falls under the creative arts. I've stumbled over cooking blogs, knitting/sewing blogs and photography blogs. That's about it. So really, what's out there? Have any of you gone to explore?

Toemailer is a blog about toes. Really, go check it out! I kid you not. People send in photos of their bare feet in different locations and it gets posted. Twenty followers thus far. I'm not sure what to think of this. I haven't followed yet, but curiosity just might make me hit that button. Perhaps we should all go follow, all send in photos of our feet, and see how long it takes for them to all get posted???

Sorry, I'm not just strange in the morning. Its an all day thing...

I'm really interested in what's actually out there in blogville. Please leave your comments and tell me some of the most unusual blogs you've found. Maybe leave us a link so we can verify and see for ourselves.

Posted is a scene from Blue Hill, Maine. I've been painting it with my Wednesday night class. I think mine is finished. Class will return with it to put their finishing touches this evening. I haven't decided on a title. This painting will be part of the work to hang at Blue Hill Bay Gallery next year.

Don't forget to leave comments on unusual blogs! Thanks.


  1. I guess we could all send in a picture of our feet. Then try and guess who is who just by our tootsies ;)

  2. Ooo, feet are just a bit creepy. My friend found a rather impressive blog about historical moustaches once, that was quite entertaining :)

  3. Thanks for the heads up on Gimp... I will give it a try.

  4. You are right that we do seem to be hooked into our own little clicks with the artist/creative types blogs. I barely have time to read all those...but I do cruise sometimes to find other blogs...your Toemailer blog, however, is definitely one of the stranger ones! Very cheery, enchanting painting, by the way!

  5. Nice painting!

    A blog out of the art-o-sphere that is fun can be found at debunks the shelf life of Twinkies, etc.

  6. What a lovely painting, all kinds of soft serenity and natural beauty. Wonderful work! I follow a hair blog and a couple of weight loss blogs besides artist blogs.

  7. I enjoy They're not really sexy, just studio/school photos from the 50's through 90's--fashions & hairstyles are fun. You can find interesting ones on your Google dashboard under "Blogs of Note."

    I will check out Toemailer--I actually sold a drawing of my foot adjacent to a door sill--titled "Constraint."

    Your blog is an interesting one.

  8. Lovely!and very refreshing Susan!

  9. Nice painting, good reflections in it

  10. Thanks for posting this! It's really appreciated. At toemail we are using a simple concept, pictures of toes, to inspire creativity, fun, and a sense of global community. We also want to do good things such as special human interest stories, good causes, charities, etc. For example, a story about someone who has overcome great adversity could start with a toemail image. There are lots of possibilities and we are hoping that people in the creative communities will participate and help us take it greater levels. So please do drop and by and don't forget to send us some toemail!

  11. Oh, and here is another free photo platform that some of you may prefer or find easier to use -

  12. Hi Susan, thank you for your note on my poppies, I love this painting, I can feel the breeze blowing. Thanks also for the tips on superimposing images, you make it sound so easy I will have to give it a try when I get my courage up. : )
    warm hugs from toasty Texas


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