Sunday, August 22, 2010


Work in progress 20x16"
by Susan Roux

I love how blogging can expose us to so many different techniques. It keeps my mind open and my spirit creatively stimulated. I awoke early this morning and quietly came to my computer with coffee. With volume down, I visited many of you, leaving little comments behind, while still allowing my household to sleep.

Its like finding a friend awake to interact with when no one home is...

I wanted to share one site in particular with you today. I visited and found a demonstration video that really excited me. The looseness and treatment of paint amazed me. It truly was watching the creative process in action.

Its a watercolor demonstration. Every stroke is a direct response of emotion towards what is emerging on paper. There is as much removal of paint with the brush as there is adding paint. It sent me off dreaming and for the first time, I would enjoy trying my hand at it. Oils have always been my love and I never desire to change medium, but after seeing this video, it would be fun to play...

The artist is Fabio Cembranelli. You may have already seen it seeing he has 496 followers! If you haven't, I invite you to stop by. Watching him paint is both lyrical and poetic. You'll walk away feeling happy and inspired.

Posted is my next experimental portrait. I began late yesterday and am approaching it a bit differently this time around. As you can see, I'm just in the initial block-in.

Now take a minute and go click Fabio...


  1. This is a fabulous start! Thanks for the video link!

  2. Hi Susan, what a good work, congratulations, and thanks for following my blog. I'm following you too. Very nice blog.

  3. Dear Susan,
    Yes, Fabio is a fantastic watercolourist. I love watercolor paintings, too. I'm very much impressed with your work and enthusiasm to share what you have with others. Me, too. I'm sharing joy about how to make quick watercolor sketch people at my blog. If you have a spare time, come and have coffee! Keep up your wonderful work.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  4. good looking start to this portrait. I'll be tuned in to see the progress.

  5. Wow... this already has a light and airy look to it... It's happy!

    I will check out Fabio's work next!


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