Thursday, April 19, 2012


Old World Serenity
Original oil painting  18x24"
by Susan Roux

I don't know what it is about Europe, but for as long as I can remember it feels like it's been beckoning me. Perhaps it's the ancient. Perhaps it's my ancestry or perhaps it's works of art I've seen depicting it that pulls at me. I'm really not sure. All I know is the feeling has always been powerful.

For years, I never thought I'd get there. Sometimes life turns and suddenly you find yourself where you never thought possible. Who would have predicted an invitation to exhibit in Russia would get me there? But it did. I've been overseas twice now and I hope to return again. The lovely scene depicted is from Ireland. This wonderful place stole my heart though I'm not of Irish decent.

Sometimes new worlds can open up for you by means of a simple invitation.

Those words: Please Come or You Are Invited can open opportunities you might otherwise have thought impossible. Have you ever gone somewhere unexpected because of an invitation? Have you ever wished you had been invited to something you weren't? Sometimes invitations can trigger one to suddenly do something new and adventurous.

I've come to realize that many people are never invited to things. Especially people of prominence. Lets put this in terms of art. Is there a gallery you'd love to be represented by? What about the owner? How often do you think they get invited to art openings? Sure they host plenty of them, but do you really think they get invited outside their own gallery for something artistic? It's a bit unlikely.

I have to admit, I'm often spurred by impulse. I get a crazy idea that might be really out there and before I can talk myself out of it, I act upon it. I know it can be a mistake. Spontaneity isn't always your best friend. But most of the time it hasn't steered me wrong.


Surprises can happen with them.

Are you feeling in a rut? Are you feeling humdrum? Invite somebody unexpected and see what happens. Nora Kasten invited me several years ago to come visit when she found out I was going to Florida for a vacation. Such a simple gesture that led to our friendship/relationship. She's since come to Maine and we've had the pleasure of spending quite a bit of time together.

I invited Don Hatfield a few years back. Just like that. A simple invitation to come to Maine. Look at all that has led to! Looking back it seems completely impossible that that tiny little gesture would lead to him becoming my mentor.

What's the worse thing that can come from an invitation? They decline???

I could go on and on about people I've invited and the opportunities that arose from it.

Take this painting for instance. I came to this little town because I contacted Irish artist Owen Rohu before I traveled to Ireland. I invited him to paint with me. The invitation didn't lead to painting together, but it did lead to being invited to his home where I visited his studio, had stimulating conversation about the art world in his country and lunch with his lovely wife and children.

If you would like opportunities to open up for yourself, try beginning with an invitation. You might be very surprised who'll accept!

I would like to extend an invitation to  you. Please come to Maine in August. Don Hatfield will be teaching 3 wonderful workshops. (Did you know he doesn't teach a circuit of them? You'll need to come to Maine. This is sort of an exclusive!)

Here are the dates:

August 1 2 3: Portrait Workshop

August 6 7 8: Still life Workshop

August 10 11 12: Figurative Workshop (in costume)

Cost is $300. for one workshop, $500. for two and $700. for all three. A $100. deposit is required at signup with the balance due July 1, 2012.

Please contact me for further information. As mentioned in my last post, Don Hatfield focuses on the fundamentals. No matter how experienced you are, whether a beginner or seasoned artist, taking his workshop will improve your work. Don is funny, honest and won't teach you gimmicks. He'll give you the knowledge you personally need to move forward with your art. I highly recommend it and promise you won't regret taking it.

Plus you get to meet me!


Note: The above painting is exhibited and for sale at the Blue Heron Gallery, Wellfleet MA (Cape Cod) Please contact owner, Roy Thurston, if you're interested in purchasing it.


  1. Although I can not travel there to participate in the work shop is a pleasure to watch your work. I like the colors so soft and delicate that you are using. and romantic themes as you paint ... congratulations!

  2. Once again, it would be so wonderful to travel to Maine for a workshop and yes, to meet you would be the plus. This painting is beautiful, Susan! Love that bridge with the flowers hanging from it!!

  3. If there was any way I could scrape together the money, I'd be there for sure! Love the bridge in Ireland.

  4. Susan,
    Thank you for this post. I share your pull to spend time in Europe. I saw your painting posted at the top and I was immediately drawn in. I love it.
    Best to you with your workshops!

  5. And Yes, Susan....we must make our own opportunities! It is never wrong to ask to visit or to invite someone!

  6. Hi Susan ... I do hope to make the Portrait Workshop. Regarding invitations ... it is also okay to invite yourself. If I hadn't, I would not have experienced two fantastic artist retreats with you and other stimulating company.


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