Friday, April 27, 2012

Is it just Spring?

Jardin d'Amour
Original oil painting  18x24"
by Susan Roux

Perhaps it's spring, but I feel something trying to sprout in my work. It's similar to hitting a wall and coming around the other side with added knowledge or clarity about something. Only there's no wall. I feel myself bubbling almost percolating inside. (and no, it isn't anything intestinal... I knew what you were thinking) It's like an excited child in there, full of energy. I want to paint all the time. It feels like a painting high and it's pouring out from my creative side.

Did you read Keith Bonds article titled Recuerdos de la Alhambra and your art?  It was a wonderful article about needing a balance between fundamentals and passion. It's what I talked about as my New Year's resolution goal.  It all comes down to knowing the rules, yet still applying your own creative voice to it. I'm sure you've all seen art that is correct in defining its forms, yet is void of emotion. It usually leaves you feeling flat. Because the painting has no emotion, it gives you no emotional reaction. One of my students recently told me of a work of art she saw while on vacation. It brought her to tears. She found herself in a public place crying and a bit shocked about it. An embarrassing moment for her, but the ultimate compliment for the artist.

I believe this is what masterpieces are made of. Just the right balance of the two.

My crazy emotional side is rallying for attention! I must have spent too much time focused on my fundamentals and it got a bit jealous. Hopefully all that time spent on them translates into some of my natural instincts now. (I can wish, can't I?) Anyways, I'm not questioning it at the moment. Exploding on canvas these days is too much fun. I just want to ride the wave!

Oh yes, there's been experimenting in the process.

I'm working the brush in ways I've never used it before. Pushing instead of pulling. Push and twirl even! It's as though I'm fearless and trust my heart will pull me out of whatever jam I put myself into.

I'm watching and observing everything that's happening as I try new things. I didn't know you could teach your creative side, but it seems to be what I'm experiencing. It's elating!

Flowers seem to be a good subject to experiment in. They can be so forgiving, bouncy and happy. Not to mention a party of color!

I know everything I'm trying isn't perfect. But after all, isn't it what makes the whole journey worthwhile in the first place? 

I hope you're having fun experimenting too. It is spring you know, so allow something new and exciting to spring out of you! (I haven't used this many exclamation points since I was about thirteen. Can you tell I'm excited? I told you, just like a little kid inside me full of wonderful playful energy! I hope he sticks around for awhile...)

I also want to thank all of you for stopping by and commenting. It means so much to me and I rarely take time to let you know how special you are to me. So thanks for visiting, my friends!


  1. You are so right - passion and fun along with technical skills create amazing paintings that take us back to our soul. Your work took me to my Mama's Garden this morning. We always had flowers mixed into our vegetables with hens to add eggs and charm. May she rest in peace and may your blessings be many. I love your posts.

  2. What wonderful energy in this post and your painting. I love the fresh "can-do" attitude ~ inspiring!

  3. Ton coeur généreux s'est perdu dans tes fleurs mais pour notre plus grand bonheur...
    Avec le printemps un besoin existentiel d'être encore et encore plus aimé... Avec des fleurs, c'est aussi parfait!!
    Gros gros bisous

  4. Thank you for sharing your journey. I enjoy reading your posts.

  5. Your words gave me pause for thought. Even though the artist may paint with emotion, sometimes the viewer doesn't see it or feel it, yes? Always makes me wonder why one artist might be considered a master but their work is flat to me, or vice versa. Anyway...too early to think. A lovely garden piece, Susan.

  6. I love reading your posts, Susan...especially this one...I feel your excitement!.. This garden is absolutely beautiful filled with wonderful colors.

  7. Susan, your beautiful artwork and your insightful posts are a such a delight! I am so happy to have found your blog. :)

  8. So glad to find a post on your blog because they are always so uplifting and the paintings are always a joy.

  9. I see the joy in the work you do. I can tell beauty is important in your life. Thanks for sharing your thoughts as well as your lovely painting.


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