Friday, January 15, 2010

Owen Rohu

Susan Roux and Owen Rohu

Meet Irish artist, Owen Rohu. I met Owen over the internet in the same way I found John Morris as mentioned before. It was thrilling to have these accomplished artists writing to me months before my trip. Owen lived over two hours away from where we were staying in Ballyvaughan. He invited Mike and I to come visit. He claimed his town was picturesque and as an artist, and Mike a photographer , we would find it inspiring. Owen was right. Westport was very beautiful!

I wasn't nervous at all. After my wonderful experience meeting John, I knew this was going to be a day I would always remember. Owen was preparing for an exhibition at Oisin Gallery in Dublin which was beginning the following week. What a thrill it was to get a pre-showing of all his works! So many beautiful paintings hung around his studio, ready for delivery.

We looked at each one.

Owen explained his process.
I was captivated by the detail and his use of the oil's transparency.

That was a common thread for us. The transparency is not often explored and it was fun to meet someone who loved it as much as I do. He had painted delicate onion peels where light passed through with absolute beauty! Flower petals were dainty, transparent, weightless strokes of delight...

Owen's specialty was his glorious still life's.
He showed me how he transformed an old dog house into the perfect controlled display space to set his subjects in.
He never has to play, "chase the light"!

Owen gave me exhibition booklets filled with wonderful images of past works.

We visited, talked, had lunch and tea with his lovely wife and family. I can't tell you how inspiring it is to go visit with other artists while on holiday. I urge you to try it. You will make friends you will keep for life...

Owen Rohu is the lucky artist who has the magnificent view from yesterday's post, Magic. I've been informed of the real name for Saint Patrick's Mountain. It is called Croagh Patrick (pronounced Croke), but the locals call it The Reek. Odd sounding names for us in America...

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