Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Work in progress 18x24"
by Susan Roux

Thanksgiving being tomorrow, its hard not to stop at this time of year and reflect on all we have to be thankful for. Yes, many of us have struggled. The economy hasn't made it easy for a lot of people. Sickness and hardships may have hit you hard in 2010. But even through the difficulties life throws at us, there is still much to be thankful for.

I have many. I won't bore you by listing them. I do however want to take a moment to thank all of you who frequent my blog. This has truly been one of the things I give thanks for: the opportunity to have met all of you. Recent hardships in our family have kept me away from painting and posting. My last post was 14 days ago, yet you still continue to visit. You amaze me...

Posted is a painting my Tuesday night class is doing. We should finish it next week. I don't expect to change many things on mine, but I'm leaning towards developing a few of the flowers. Perhaps cutting into some of the round balls of the peony. I also want to identify the irises a bit clearer in spots.

This painting moved along quickly. We didn't draw anything, just hopped in with paint. My class followed along splendidly and with Luka Bloom playing in the background, everyone's work fell into place. Luka has that effect. You should really try it sometime...

This image is special to me. Its a scene in Cape Cod, though it isn't a typical Cape painting. The photo was taken on Memorial weekend, when I traveled there to the Blue Heron Gallery's opening. The female in my painting is none other than the well-known Martine-Alison! Certainly someone high on my list of people to be thankful for. Painting this brought back wonderful memories of her visit to the States. My last post was about painting your passion. This image stuck to that suggestion. Perhaps its why it fell into place so easily.

Note: The darks beneath the flowers are with transparent paint and in reality tuck deep under the flowers. They don't jump forward like in this photo.

I hope you can all find lots of things to be thankful for. I'm certain they exist...

Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. It has been a tough year and things are still tough, but that is what makes me even more thankful for all the blessings in my life...and they are many.

  2. Moi ma petite Susan je ne remercierai jamais assez de t'avoir rencontrée... Je fais de nombreux souhaits pour que les tiens cessent de souffrir...
    Je vous souhaite une joyeuse fête...
    La mienne sera couronnée par la naissance de mon premier petit-fils qui est programmé pour ce 25 novembre... Le beau des cadeaux...
    Je partagerai cette joie avec toi soeurette... Gros baisers.

    Maintenant revenons-en à ta généreuse peinture en cours. Je trouve la progression en très bonne voie d'obtenir une toile magnifique... Remplie de couleurs, de lumière et d'amour...

  3. What a lovely painting. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Nice painting. Your students should be thankful they have you to teach 'em!

  5. Luminous color...beautiful.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Susan!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving, sweet friend!
    Your paintings just get lovelier and lovelier!
    Wish we could paint together on a quiet would be so soothing...
    Hugs ~

  7. Hopping in with paint...I love the sound of that which is a reminder to all to work looser! Happy thanksgiving to you too, Susan. I must add to your sentiments: I get a real warm feeling from all the friendships and genuine care given out in the blogging world.

  8. We had a great Thanksgiving Day and I hope you and you family had a Happy Thanksgiving also :-)


  9. Thankful we are...
    I imagine your classes are so inspirational...

    thanks for being you, Susan

  10. Happy Thanksgiving from Canada Susan!

    Hope that the hardships are small for your family... and the blessings without end!

    A lovely ... colour-filled memory of a time now passed... Summer being a blessing that we all enjoy!

    Good Painting!
    Warm regards,

  11. This is my first visit here, and I've spent more than an hour reading your older posts and savoring your art. I started a blog 2 1/2 years ago when I began teaching myself to paint, and, through blogging, I've discovered a whole world of generous, supportive friends who are artists themselves. I am very glad to have found your blog today. The documentation of your process, accounts of your classes, and narratives about your fellow artists and friends are very well written and entertaining, and I love your work. Your latest post inspired me to write a my own piece about the things I have to be thankful for, and I plan to add you to my list of favorite blogs and to return often to follow your journey!

  12. Susan, Your work is beautiful and I'll be glad to see the finish.
    Love, Nora

  13. This must be a beautiful place with all those flowers.

  14. J'aime particulièrement cette peinture !
    Un grand merci Suzan pour ce partage......
    A très bientôt

  15. I'm very late getting here, but, I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving Day.

    Love the colors in your painting. Cool that you have Martine in there!

  16. very nice piece. and thanks for the closeup photo, i like being able to see the grain of the canvas .

  17. I saw you in Martine Alison's blog,came to take a look, now I'm following you.Very nice blog, you are very friendly! Happy thanksgiving day, greetings from Brasil

  18. Lovely painting with a luminous figure to build a story around.
    And yes, I find much to be thankful for.

  19. beautiful work!........Love the colors in your painting......

  20. another marvellous post that gives us food for thought and the pleasure of your wonderful art. Thanks again Susan.

  21. I'm late in saying Happy Thanksgiving--hope it was wonderful. I love seeing a person in this painting--she reminds me of Marilyn Monroe the way she is moving.

  22. I could tell this was Cape Cod even before I read your post. Your students are very fortunate to have such an inspiring teacher. Now I must go look up Martine Alison.

    We all do have much to be thankful for, in spite of the problems that are always there. It takes practice to focus on the positive, but if more people did that, the world would be a better place. Now I need to remember my own advice!


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