Monday, December 6, 2010

Inferior photos

Original oil painting 18x24"
by Susan Roux

If you ever get the opportunity to see my work hanging somewhere, please go. I keep telling you my images are not correct and I'm serious. Take this image. The blue's are too intense. The pinks aren't intense enough and the oranges harmonize way better in reality. Ouch! That's practically the whole painting!


That's why I'm telling you to go see my work in real life, if you ever have the opportunity. I recently found out that my computer is set on the wrong color setting. Its the reason I can't see many colors I've painted, on my images. The problem with that is I can't just change that setting. I would need to re-calibrate everything, including my printer, which would take me a long time and frankly I prefer to spend any spare time I have, painting. So I apologize for such inferior photos. If you do get to see my work, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the soft relaxing color harmony present. You can't even see all the hot pinks dispersed in between the green grasses! I cringe every time I see my images...

I know I'm not alone with this problem. It is a frustration for many of us. We work so hard to get our paintings just right. Every color change, every value matters to us. How long do you take to tweak your paintings? I'm surprised I haven't worn a trench in my floor from this process. I'm one of those put down one stroke and walk back 15 feet to see how it looks and to decide where to place the next stroke. Tweaking can be a long day's work, but on the bright side, I do get my exercise!

So you can understand my dilemma every time I photograph and re-photograph my work countless times in different light, trying to show you what my art actually looks like. I adjust so many images before I get one suitable to post. But honestly I think I just give up trying. Maybe I would save a lot of time if I'd simply reconfigure everything. Somehow, I keep thinking I would still be dissatisfied anyway...

So bless your heart if you read to the bottom of this complaining post. I'm going to go paint.


  1. How frustrating!!!
    I seem to get a good likeness most of the time so I feel lucky.

  2. I know how you feel. Between camera perspective, monitor color, and printer quality, who knows how paintings really look? I too have tried hard to take great photos. Regrettably, they look just like my paintings!

  3. Interesting problem you have. This brings to mind words that I rely on in times like these.

    "Don't you worry about the mule, just load the wagon now."

  4. I know what you mean! And everyone's computers are calibrated differently so that even if you get it looking right on your own monitor there is no way to know how it looks on other people's screens. I think people get the idea in any case - it is frustrating but not worth losing sleep over.

  5. Your definitely not alone Susan! Rarely am I satisfied with a picture of my work.

    Recently I've experimented with using Ott bulbs to light my work and tweaking the white balance settings on my camera. The results are a bit better.

  6. Susan you are in good company, these days it is not enough to be able to paint, you also have to be a photographer, computer guru, writer and salesman. Tough! Your work is delicious....stay in the studio. Will enjoy the follow, hope to benefit from your eye on my blog posts! Cheers.

  7. It's true that sometimes the color changes from camera to computer...however, your painting is absolutely beautiful as is. I'm sure its even better in person like you said.

  8. Yannis-William, mon fils, m'a fait la même remarque à savoir celle de régler la balance des blancs sur l'appareil photo avant de prendre la photo.
    Mais je suis certaine que tu vas réussir ton coup la prochaine fois...
    De toute façon les photos obtenues ne sont jamais à la hauteur des peintures et grand dieu merci autrement on ne vendrait jamais les toiles mais seulement des photos... lol

    ps: ta toile est très belle ! Susan! tu me la montreras via skype...

  9. hi
    excellent,great, fantastic colors,so beautiful work.i have no words.

  10. I so relate to this. I spent ages yesterday photographing 3 painting to submit digitally. I use Photo Elements and am working to use all the editing tools but still there is no substitute to seeing a painting up close and personal.

  11. But Susan they always look so great. Thank you again for all your kind and encouraging words.

  12. Hienoja, tunelmallisia tauluja sinulla. Minä pidän niistä oikein paljon.
    Kiitos kommentistasi Teuvon kuvat blogissa.

    Teuvo Finland


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