Sunday, November 18, 2012

Silent Auction

Billowing Cloud
Original oil painting   16x12"
by Susan Roux

I had lunch at a local brew pub today and learned about a cook who'd been hospitalized with a growing number of problems. What started out as shortness of breath was soon diagnosed with failed kidneys and an enlarged heart. A biopsy attempt went awry and accidently cut an artery in his bladder.

This feels like a scenario from a movie script.

The bartender/waitress at Gritty McDuff's continued to inform us that this unfortunate man has a wife and seven kids. Seven kids? I can't even imagine having seven kids when life is going great. With the holidays right around the corner, the added worry and stress of this situation has people opening their hearts to help out. Don't you just love how giving people can be when someone else is in need? It's the true meaning of Christmas.

I'm donating the above painting for the silent auction which takes place on Black Friday, Nov. 23. If you'd like to put in your bid, please call 207-376-2739.

Thank you for your help.

 Wouldn't it make a lovely Christmas gift for someone on your list???


  1. What a nice thing to do, Susan, to share your work in this auction. I hope they take in lots of money. I, too, can't imagine having 7 children!!

  2. A very sad story, Susan! and what a wonderful thing to do..donating this beautiful painting for the auction!! My thoughts and prayers will be for this man!!

  3. That is a really wonderful idea, and I pray he gets all the help that is needed, from all possible areas.
    Your picture of the ocean reminds me of a quote/observation:"I Am the vast ocean of consciousness who once thought"I" was a wave, separate from other "waves" and not part of the very same ocean that I Am".
    I hope help comes rushing into his life, like the beautiful waves of your painting.

  4. Un aobra muy bonita, me transmite mucha paz, has reflejado una atmosfera preciosa...
    Un abrazo

  5. What a lovely piece, Susan. I like the space and distance in this scene very much. I'm betting that whoever bought it appreciates what a beautiful piece it is!


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