Saturday, January 15, 2011

Barbecue anyone?

Well it finally happened, winter came to Maine. For some reason the jet stream has been circling the storms around us and though we're usually dumped on for months at a time, it took until January to really see much of it this year.

Out in the cold.

I like this picture for several reasons. The most obvious is it's a visual oxymoron. The hot grill chilling out. A reminder of summer stuck in winter. (I could come up with a few more) Sometimes in Maine we barbecue in winter. Especially for football games. Use your imagination and place a Patriots helmet atop the snow covered grill and it bares a very close resemblance to #75, Vince Wilfork. Go Patriots! I smell Superbowl Champions...

Ok, now that I got that out of my system, lets talk about Out In The Cold. It's how I felt yesterday...

I recently joined facebook. I know I'm really late in doing so, but I had my reasons. I'm still trying to find my way around in it. Unlike blogging, I find it a bit confusing. I stumbled upon an artist and noticed his friend list was filled with a lot of artists. It was like hitting the jackpot. I like being connected to other artists, so I decided to start sending friend requests to them.

One artist, led me to other artists, which in turn led me to even more. Wow, I thought. This is pretty cool! What a great opportunity to meet lots of new artists. My mouse was running ramped, clicking on artists. A simple message, copied and pasted on each read, Hi. I'm an artist.

It was all that was needed. My mail box was filling fast with acceptances. As people returned to their computers, adding an artist wasn't a problem. Isn't that wonderful about artists? We are already connected and have so much in common. There's no hesitation when asked to be a friend to another.

Suddenly I was really liking this new experience. The excitement rushed through me. I was setting ground to meet and discuss with artists from all over the world!

And then it happened. I was sent Out In The Cold!

Facebook blocked me from sending anymore friend requests. And just as I was thinking it was a cool place to be... Not only did I get blocked, but all the pending friend requests were removed! I guess facebook doesn't understand that artists are fine with lots of artists friends. It seemed strange to me that the pending ones were removed. How can that happen if it's already in someone's mailbox? I suppose facebook thought I was spamming, but seriously if someone didn't want to be my friend, they didn't need to accept.

So just like my grill out in the cold, there I stood too.

The block is for 2 days. It's like being grounded or something. What a strange feeling. So next time I start clicking that friend button, I wonder how many it will let me send before it shuts me down again?

The sun is shining brightly here. I think I'll go paint before the big game tomorrow...


  1. Great photo! Funny post, I so understand! But, soon, you'll be "In in the warmth!"

  2. Winter has finally arrived? What, you living in the warm and sunny part of the state? Just think-- in just 11 weeks, all this snow should be gone! Go Pats! (feets don't fail me now...)

  3. well that facebook thing is weird..I have been on it for a while. I had to develop a fan page to keep from getting lots of inane status updates..those go to my regular page. I use the fan page to focus on my art and events. Sorry can't be a Pats fan unless the Steelers don't get into the finals..then I might consider it! Go Steelers!

  4. Mon dieu toute cette neige!!!
    Je préfère voir tes fleurs dans ton jardin l'été!
    Surtout ne me l'envoie pas!
    Facebook... Je ne comprends pas tout! J'ai pourtant 2 comptes sur lesquels je ne vais que rarement... manque de temps.
    Le premier compte, ce sont mes enfants qui me l'avaient ouvert. Je m'y rends pour voir les nouvelles photos que mes enfants publient.
    Le deuxième compte, je l'avais crée à la demande d'une blogueuse, pour l'art.
    J'essaie de répondre au mieux à la demande d'ajout d'amis, seulement par ceux que je connais via mon blog. Et sincèrement, je n'ai pas le temps de me rendre sur Facebook. Toutes mes excuses à mes amis...
    Gros bisoussssssss

  5. I love the photo of the grill! I sent you a friend request, hope you get it! Sometimes Facebook seems full of random bugs...

  6. Lotta snow. Love the painting in your previous posts. Beautiful!

  7. Please no more snow pictures! LOL We have had a blizzard and a second lesser snow storm. I'm good till next year on the white stuff.

    Good luck on FB Susan. I'm still trying to get a handle on that.

  8. What a funny post Susan! I'm on face-book but I don't contribute..I just like to see photos of family and friends when they come up...However, my friend "from the old days" found me after 40 years and now we see each other every few weeks. So face-book is quite nice.!!

  9. HI, Susan, I am not on FB yet. Have been contemplating it but it sounds all too involved -- and kind of weird what happened to you. Several artists say it's the BEST place to meet other artists... um, slowly?

    Love the snow grill! I have a sister (and 2 brothers) in Maine (Yarmouth and Gorham) and I had to give her a hard time about winter finally arriving. Of course, I'm in SoCal and it was 86°F inland and 70°F here at the beach today. Too warm!

  10. Love the photo, Susan. I must admit I was a tad slow on the uptake and didn't immediately see the irony (which is not like me, I assure you) this morning. LOL As to Facebook, I just am not the hugest of fans in the first place and I keep taking myself off of the site. Sometimes I see a comment to one of my kids and I get all bothered by it so I figured I just don't need to be there...LOLOL

  11. I'm not on facefook either! Funny blog post. I'm in Florida so it's hard to imagine that kind of snow!!

  12. what is the deal with facebook! they send you loads of new requests and then take them away! how not divine of them. great snap and post! stay warm. long island is recovering from the 3rd snowstorm in 2 months!

  13. Such a funny post! That is hilarious ... yep, must have thought you were a spammer but it's as if they were saying "Just don't get too enthusiastic!"
    Oh well, just remember FB can be a time sucker so be careful it doesn't keep you from your art. Everything in moderation, I guess! :)

    Great photo. It sort of looks like it's arms are up saying "Um, can I get some help over here?"

  14. Facebook definitely has its oddities. But I would never have guessed that it limited the number of friend requests. Who would have thought it!

  15. Now that looks like a very familiar picture Susan like what I have been seeing from my study window for days and days. Thhanks for your comment on my blog my dilema is simple really my other two friends and their well being may be effected seriously with any contact I have with this man. I think I may have found an alternative way of solving the problem.

  16. great photo Susan. Winter is relly wierd in our part of the country this year. We had an ice storm of sorts yesterday. Too much wind to coat trees as I have seen in news over parts of the country but rain that froze to the ground with about 1/2 inch snow on top. was unbelievably slick. It is only the 2nd time I have ever seen an ice storm in my life.
    I didn't know htere was a limit on friends on facebook?? Is that why you were booted out? I too have met and conversed with a lot of great artists I have met and know through facebook

  17. Ciao Susan, grazie per il tuo commento. Amo tantissimo le vie dei vecchi paesi e dei centri storici, in Italia ce ne sono tantissime di splendide. Lì la luce gioca in modo unico e cattura lo sguardo anche dei più distratti. Mi piacciono i tuoi dipinti, ti esprimi con una tavolozza molto personale, gentile e rasserenante e nel blog stai facendo un lavoro dimostrativo straordinario. Luigi.

  18. What an incredible and wonderful sight. Thank you for sharing your process.

  19. I'll try to find you on Facebook! At once.

  20. LOL Too funny about Facebook doing that! I never had it happen but then I only facebook to people I've emailed etc with. Find me when you are unblocked if you have room for a writer and not an artist:)


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