Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Don Hatfield

Testing the Waters
Original oil painting 16x20"
by Susan Roux

Have you met my friend Don yet? He's unlike anyone else I know. Of course, that could be said about most of us artists. Our uniqueness overflows beyond our canvases...

But let me tell you a little about Don Hatfield.

He may be a bit scary at first. His essence fills a room. His voice carries and the words may be gruff. He'll definitely catch your attention. I don't think it's possible for Don to go unnoticed anywhere. Busy mall, you spot Don. Crowded city street, you spot Don. Golf course, you can hear him from three holes away...

Do you get the picture? Don stops and talks to everyone. I bet he has trouble driving down the street. He must pull over to talk to every pedestrian he passes!

Is it ego? Certainly. Is it humor?

Well you tell me. Anyone who posts this kind photo of themselves over the internet, for all to see, has got to be funny. Hilarious is more the word. If Mr. Hatfield hadn't made it in life as a master artist, he could have been a renowned comedian.

I know you're aware that my sense of humor is askew. I might laugh at things no one else finds humorous, but I can assure you, Don has more than myself nearly rolling on the floor with laughter.

So how did mister comedy himself get to be such a great artist? Some people are just blessed with lots of gifts... One of mine is knowing Don personally. He's made a real positive difference in my art.

Beyond that coarse exterior lies the heart and soul of a gentle man. One could not paint amazing light-filled images such as these with a hardened soul. His understanding of color, values and technique go far beyond most. His paintings captivate us with beauty, softness and joy in timeless settings with alluring compositions.

Nowhere in his work will you see this gruff exterior he tries so hard to portray. It becomes easy to see why such a gentle soul might try to appear tougher to the world. But after just a few minutes of conversation with Don, his facade drops and the real man surfaces.

Aside from being a great artist, Hatfield (as he likes to refer to himself) is proving to be an amazing teacher. Not only can he capture delicate, dainty forms, he can explain how to do it.

Don excites when he finds artists with the desire and commitment to improve. There is nothing he prefers (well maybe golf...) than to share his knowledge about art. He's a man filled with art history and amidst any conversation can drop a list of old masters to refer to for the information you seek.

I'm proud to announce that Don Hatfield is giving you the opportunity to learn and improve. He'll be sharing his gifts by offering a Maine workshop in July. Stay tuned and I'll be posting more information...

Did I mention you should really take this?


  1. Love your work Susan. It's so delicate and beautiful.

  2. I like Impressionism painting. Very beautiful!

  3. that sounds really fun. His art is amazing.

  4. Love the photo of the mother and baby, also the one of the girls in the field of flowers. Both are very appealing. Susan

  5. What an awesome post, Susan. I'd not heard of Don Hatfield but his work is definitely beautiful and definitely in the ranks of masters. I am awed. Oh to have the time away from work and the money to head up to Maine for this workshop! Alas, I suspect he'd boot me out day one when he saw what I'm capable of doing to a canvas!!!

  6. Magnifiques toiles !
    et très original style d'écrire , beaucoup d'humour, j'aime beaucoup!
    bonne journée-
    bisou- cath

  7. Susan, your painting at the top is exquisit. I for one will be interested in hearing more about the workshop. Does he teach all levels?

  8. Susan your blog always leaves me feeling the same way so glad that I stopped by another marvellous post.

  9. Sue, What a beautiful post. I must admit that Don's picture made me laugh, but your write up soon made me forget his funny picture. I always enjoy your art as well as your writing.

  10. Your painting is beautiful. I like Don's work and he sounds like a cool guy!

  11. Oh my GOSH!!! Those images are absolutely GORGEOUS... INCLUDING the one on the TOP... FABULOUS!!!!!!

    Well, except, perhaps for his photo....

    It sounds like a wonderful workshop full of fun and lots of learning.... Maine, hmmmmmmmmmmmm

  12. Je pense que tu es à présent satisfaite du résultat final... Je la vois mieux sur la photo que via spype, mais je perçois les améliorations que tu as su lui apporter... Des deux, s'il me fallait choisir, ce serait difficile, mais instinctivement je retiendrais cette dernière.
    Je connais peu Don, mais le peu que je connaisse m'a conquise... Il a ce naturel spontané qui me plaît et qui généralement donne une grande place à la bonté. Il a je suis certaine une certaine sensualité féminine en lui, cette forme de romantisme qu'ont toutes les femmes au fond d'elles-mêmes. Toutes ces qualités rejaillissent dans sa peinture... Alors tu pourras lui dire que nous l'avons démasqué!!! il peut prendre ses airs grognons et parfois rustique il n'en est pas moins qu'un grand personnage rempli de douceur et de tendresse...
    Gros bisous à vous deux.

  13. Oh your painting is gorgeous! Everytime I come here I am so in awe of your abilities. If I could paint, I'd be there:)

  14. incredibly amazing work all around!! i have goosebumps. great post and don is the stuff of great stories and enchanting work.

  15. Susan, your painting is just beautiful! As for your friend Don, maybe he's so good because his brain appears to be larger than the rest of us...according to his photo!! HA!!! Love those photo editing programs!!!

  16. What a treat to see and read your blog, full of wonderful paintings and inspirations! Champagne Thursdays is such a great idea. I'm glad you wrote about Don Hatfield, too. His paintings are beautiful. I'd be interested to learn more about his workshop. Thank you!

  17. I love your Testing the Waters. It's beautiful!

    I came over from Terri Tiffany's to meet you. I truly wish I could come to Maine in July! Was in Maine once, years ago, about 1970, and thought I wanted to live there until I realized how long and cold the winters are there! But such beauty!!!
    Ann Best, Author

  18. Hi Susan,

    A beautiful piece. I love the movement in it. Don is a great teacher it seems but you are a great listener I know. well done.

  19. Your color and light in your figures is absolutely wonderful.

  20. How interesting about your friend Don, Susan! I love your painting 'Testing the waters'! What a lovely high key painting!

  21. Wonderful colors and atmosphere, excellent impressionist atmosphere.

  22. Gorgeous! Love the color and all the positive energy of this!

  23. Hi Susan,

    I can't wait to learn more. I'm in Minnesota, but really need lessons by a great painter like Don. Maybe I'll be able to find a way to take his class? I'm sure we would get along, both having such a delicate nature and sensuality about us:-)


  24. Hi, Susan, I don't know what took me so long to find this post, but here I am now. I LOVE your artwork, including the Scarlet Lady. And Don's art is fabulous, too. Maine in July? Hm, I am sure my sister would like me to visit...

  25. Hi Susan, saw a print of Don Hatfield on a wall, googled his name and among the images was your 'Testing the Waters'. Beautiful.
    Annet Crossey


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