Sunday, January 23, 2011

Champagne Thursday

Original oil painting 20x16"
by Susan Roux

So the five artists renting the house in February got together for lunch. It was introduction day. Aside from being artistically stimulating an interesting concept came up.

Champagne Thursday.

Are any of you familiar with it? It's from the movie Failure to Launch with Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew McConaughey. My girlfriend and I adopted it since the movie came out years ago. We get together on certain Thursdays to chat, drink champagne and just cut loose for a few hours. If it's summer, we sit outside on the garden bench. Winter has us curled in front of the fire... Maybe a little tablecloth on a side table with a few hors d'oeuvres, an ice bucket to keep it chilled and laughter, lots and lots of laughter. The great thing about Champagne Thursday is it doesn't need to be planned ahead of time. It doesn't even need to be on a Thursday!

So a simple phrase like, Is it Champagne Thursday this Sunday? Is always followed by an emphatic and enthusiastic YES!

As time went on, random guests were invited to join us on our very random "Thursdays".

I'm not sure why this came up during our introduction lunch, but suffice it to say it did. And as all Champagne Thursdays go, once it's brought up, it must go on...

So here it is. The decision was made to have one on Thursday, February 24 at the rental house. Artists are invited, including you. All that's required is that you bring champagne or wine and an appetizer. Champagne Thursday will officially start at 5:00 pm. So if you're around and want to come join the fun, you'll also get to see what we've been up to during our retreat (hint, lots and lots of art...), stop on by. The house is located in Freeport Maine. As soon as I get the address, I'll pass it along.

No overnights. A lot of you seemed very interested in this week-long art retreat. Wouldn't it be fun if a bunch of you rented another house in Freeport (rents are cheap this time of year...) the same week, and we all got together for champagne and art talks? If any of you are really interested, the week is February 19-26. School vacation. You can comment that you'd like to rent and all hook up through my blog. I can even help you find a nice house if you want. Imagine the possibilities...

Artists connecting with other artists. It's what it's all about. Are you interested?

Frolicking is my latest painting. Too bad I didn't paint a still life with champagne bottles, it would have been so appropriate for this post!


  1. Great post Susan, we've done our artists retreat in the fall for 5 years now...always a blast! p.s. my bff and I have "wine and whine time"...that's code for...well, YOU know!! and BTW, love the soft shadows....

  2. Great painting. Beautiful whites. And I'd be there on Thursday if it weren't so far away! Paint those champagne bottle for another day/retreat/event.

  3. Susan,

    This is wonderful. very very nice. I mean it.


  4. Your beautiful free-spirited "frolicking" painting definitely has the right feeling for the post, though. I'd love to come... it sounds so great... can you call my boss and tell him I can't come in that week? How long does it take to get to Maine from Kentucky?

  5. Wow - I love the light! What a joyful painting! I truly wish I could come as your artist retreat sounds so inviting and including the concept of Champagne Thursdays!

  6. Sharmon, by my accurate calculations it takes three point two hours via the next dream cloud.

  7. Hello Susan...Hope everyone has FUN. That is what life should be all about...connecting , networking, communicating, and having FUN! Susan

  8. A beautiful painting--makes you remember the warm days of summer. Your February retreat sounds fantastic.

  9. Oh, Susan, now this painting is my all time favorite of yours. It's beautiful and it's reminiscent of the great painter, Joyce Norwood's women and children on the beach. It would be great to join you and your friends but it's utterly impossible. You're on a roll, girl . . . keep it up.

  10. Sweet painting and a wonderful mix of warm and cools in the white dress.

  11. Beautiful Susan! This painting reminded me of one of the old Masters painting..Don Hatfield "Treasured Moment".! Very the water and sky blending into one..and the way the sun is hitting her dress.

  12. What a beautiful painting, so timeless, so dreamy! So wish I could do this retreat! I'd be in 7th heaven!

  13. Mais tu le sais toi, que je suis ta petite mouche française qui viendra se poser juste au bout de ton nez et te chatouiller, juste pour te dire que je suis là... et que j'ai soif et que je veux trinquer avec vous avec un verre de champagne...
    Elle pétille comme les bulles de notre champagne français...ta pitchounette!

  14. Quelle belle idée de se réunir entre artistes se faire plaisir à boire du Champagne! excellent pour laisser partir les nouvelles idées pour de nouvelles peintures, Bravo les artistes, dommage que je sois sur un autre continent, je vis dans la région du Champagne j'aurai pu vous en faire goûter d'excellents mais je ne doute pas que vous en ayez de très très bon !!
    Votre toile est magnifique quelle belle luminosité, j'aime !

  15. Lovely painting, and I'm extremely jealous of your artists' retreat!

  16. The shadows in your painting are absolutely luminous and beautiful.
    The concept of Champagne Thursdays is inspired. Would you and your artist friends be back in Maine in August? A group of Tennessee artists (me included) plan to rent a place in Maine then.


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