Saturday, March 12, 2011

Charlie Sheen

Long-Stem Brushes
on sale 50 cents a piece...

How do you bring tons of hits to your blog in one day?

I have a little story to share with you. I know this is out of my ordinary, but out of the ordinary is who I am anyway. So if you'll oblige me...

Sparks the Rescue is a band, signed by Fearless Records, which my stepson Toby McAllister is a member of. This fall/winter the band was busy writing and recording a new CD scheduled for released in May. All the songs are mastered and ready.

A few days ago Fearless Records called the guys and asked if they could write a song about Charlie Sheen. Being based in California, I'm sure the "Sheen" incident is much more popular there than say... Maine, where I am. Luckily being in the midst of getting a CD out, the band could access new music that was already recorded, but not yet heard.

I find this very funny and interesting.

STR, as the band is known, called their recording studio and asked for a karaoke track of one of their songs. Writing lyrics comes easy for them. In no time they had rewritten lyrics to go with one of their new CD songs. Alex Roy, the singer, recorded those new vocals at his home, emailed the track to the recording studio, where it was then added to the karaoke track.

Are you following this?

Fast track... California calls STR, who then calls the recording studio for music. STR records a new vocal track at home on a computer and emails it back to the recording studio who then puts it all together and emails it way out to California. California then takes it and creates a video to go along with the words STR wrote and recorded. All this was done within a few days.

Yes I said a few days!

Now the song with video is out on the internet. Less than twenty four hours after release it had received 10,000 hits.

Wow, so that's how it's done! Now how do I take that information and put it to use on my own blog??? Talk about instant exposure.

The best part about all this is STR music will be heard everywhere and by the time their CD is released, people will already know this tune. Those who'll put the Charlie Sheen song on their ipods, listening to it repeatedly, will be used to the beat and most likely enjoy the original version on the CD.

I hope you were able to follow this story. It all happened so quickly without anyone leaving their home! Technology is crazy.

Here's the video... It Feels Good To Be Charlie Sheen - Sparks The Rescue It'll give you a laugh!

(Yeah seriously, brushes for 50 cents a piece. I now own enough to open a small store...)


  1. So, my question is, are you going to put all this info to use to get hits to your blog!?

  2. That was my question! Gee Pam I was hoping you'd have the answer for me. Believe me as soon as I figure it out, I'll share it...

  3. I put this on facebook, maybe that will help.

  4. Demain il faudra que tu m'expliques car je n'ai rien compris!!! Bisous
    Je reviens de chez mon fournisseur de pinceaux et j'ai payé plus cher pour mes pinceaux de martre.

  5. So..I think just with his name posted you may get more lookers than usual...they will eithr hate him or love him (is that possible?)
    You ouhgt to let us know what occurs in terms of your hits today.:-)
    Neat story.

  6. I would love to know how to get that kind of hits!!

  7. cute video. i shared it with my son, he is living out in cali right now. martine-alison was funny, good luck trying to explain to her!

  8. Interesting - it's got me thinking!

  9. I loved it..and posted it on my hopefully my sons will like it and forward

  10. Me? I just love the photo with the brushes in the vase! LOL

  11. Haha, Susan! Putting the guy's name in your post may bring more hits to your blog, tell us whether it worked!!!!!I am with AutumnLeaves: The photoof brushes is absolutely beautiful and such a scene that one cannot resist! Show me those lovely brushes and play some classic music!

  12. His name on Google search should get a mess of hits!
    But after watching the creative video...Glad I'm not CS...glad to be little ol' me...Duh! Winning!!

  13. It IS kinda sad how fascinated so many people are with looking at a train-wreck!!

    I'm with Marie... I'm wondering about the difference in the number of hits you get.

  14. Et moi, j'ai retenu le passage de ton article sur le karaoké. J'aime cela, et souvent, les soirs d'été, je chante sur la scène d'un camping, près de chez moi...


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