Monday, March 7, 2011


Garden Girl
Original oil painting 28x22"
by Susan Roux

Hit the road running.

It's been me these past few days. I was so absorbed in art la la land at my retreat, that getting back to reality was sure to be a struggle. My mind didn't want to think about anything other than art. But reality exists and it became time to return to it.

No sooner had I emptied my car of all my belongings, my phone rang with an exhibition opportunity. It was afternoon and I had a class to teach that night. In less than 24 hours I had to be hanging. I've never hurried so much to put an exhibition together!

The venue is a restaurant/bar in Portland Maine called Nosh. It's located on Congress Street in the heart of the art district. It's newly renovated and the menu is exciting, creative and fun. What a cool place! If you're around please stop in to see my exhibit. Some of my new "girls" are hanging there. It's a perfect opportunity to see them in person. (and they're so much better in person...) The opportunity came from Paul, one of my students. His art is hanging with mine for the month of March. Paul has been taking lessons for only a year and his work is wonderful. Do stop in.

Garden Girl is the second painting I completed while on retreat. She was a struggle. I've been working hard trying to depict nature around my figures while still keeping it subdued. I'm playing with layers of color that neutralize until they become only values. Ocean scenes are simpler to achieve. Gardens on the other hand are a real challenge. I use so many colors layering, it's difficult to have local color dominate. I do want to figure it out, so I keep trying.

I worked the better part of a day on her hands. It's the first time I ever really defined some. I worked with a large brush and had planned to continue them the following day with a small brush. Fresh morning eyes can be a gift. I liked the softness and relaxed pose on her hat. I decided against using a small brush to preserve the delicateness the larger ones created. Being totally immersed during this retreat helped me focus deeper than I could have at home. Full days in concentration has it's benefits.

Today is the first day I can breath since my return. The world hit me by storm with each day filled to capacity. I've been running and running. No wonder I resisted returning to reality. I look at the all the girls I've painted recently. They are the complete opposite of my reality. There they stand, relaxed in a world all their own. Not a care in the world, existing in a dreamlike state. You'd think I'd be painting chaotic hustle bustle scenes. Instead these girls just been pouring out of me.

Do you think deep inside, I wish I was this relaxed and carefree?


  1. c'est très réussi! aussi les mains!!!!

  2. Celle-ci aussi je la vois mieux à présent! Elle se trouve dans un jardin éclairé comme celui où ma Laura courait ...
    Très joli travail... j'aime la sérénité qui règne... S c'est celle de ton coeur laisse-la jaillir souvent...

  3. Yes indeed, that is what I think. Me too though, Susan. There is a sense of looking through a soft focus filter with these beautiful ladies of late. Makes them dreamy, reminiscent of simpler days and times. Oh to have those again! At any rate, this one is another stunner indeed. Congrats on your exhibition!


    Gracias por las visitas y comentarios en mi blog.

  5. What detail in the hands! And how exciting that your paintings will be exhibited in this restaurant:) Wonderful! You lead a busy busy life!

  6. Your lovely ladies are so serene and pure. They continue to thrill me, Susan!

  7. great painting Susan. Good luck with the exhibit

  8. Susan! Your serene paintings are wonderful! There is a stop and smell the roses to these. Painting is another place we like to go, and here you have shared with us a place of calm dreamyness.

  9. who wouldn't want to be that relaxed. You captured serenity

  10. i bet you THAT painting will sell for sure--I like everything about it! it is so sunny and "happy"! wonderful work :)

  11. I really admire your painting and I just awarded you the Versatile Blogger award on my blog:


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