Thursday, March 17, 2011


Saint Patrick's Mountain, Ireland
Original oil painting 16x20"
by Susan Roux

What are you up to lately?

I feel the effects of spring. New things are emerging all around. Have you noticed? The art world is winding up for the approaching season. Announcements for artist's opportunities flood in. Calls for artists, exhibition announcements, openings, workshops, art talks and art walks to name but a few. Here in the North Country the art world is coming out of hibernation.

It may be the only thing sprouting these days as we are still under knee-deep snow... (Hum, that sounded like a frog croaking, but they can't be heard yet either.)

To the artist, spring isn't measured by the snow on the front lawn. A real shift in activity happens this time of year. Following the holidays, life in Maine is a real treasure for the artist. Ahh, the heart of winter. It's a time to delve deep into your own creativity. The winter cold keeps us shut in. The wood stoves crank and the smell and warmth of the burning logs only help relax us to tap into our creative juices. It's a welcomed time. Time to immerse ourselves into experimentation. Time to slosh paint around. Time to play and create. Winter is long and it seems that time passes slowly and that this playground of creativity will last forever.

But it doesn't.

The spring announcements can't be ignored. Artist's hibernation is over and it's time to hop, hop, hop to. Galleries will want art soon. Paintings need to be framed. First frames need to be ordered. Wondering. Worrying sets in. Did I paint enough this winter to supply everyone? Do I have enough worthy pieces? How did it get to be the middle of March without my taking closer inventory of my winter's work?

This never used to happen. I was so tuned into painting for my galleries, that I knew exactly what I had prepared for them. But as the years passed, I found my art was better when I wasn't consciously painting for my galleries. I needed to be painting for me. And so it has been lately. No regard to my galleries as I create. I figured if I paint constantly, there will be ample inventory for everyone. But is there? Is there? Is there?

It's my fear.

Well before it's time for spring clean-up in the flower beds, it will be time for spring clean-up in the studio. I've taken on a new gallery this year and perhaps it's the reason for my anxiety. One more little baby to feed... How I hate to pull myself away from the easel to go count and sort canvases, take inventory on frames and what needs to be ordered. It feels like a transition from the carefree feeling of childhood to the responsibility of adulthood. Like Holden Caulfield I'm not ready to take the leap. I just want to keep playing.

Painting for myself has been far more relaxing than painting for my galleries. I just want to ignore the signs of spring, beckoning me to switch gears and hustle, and crawl back into my hole (behind my easel) and remain in hibernation bliss...

Happy Saint Paddy's Day everyone!

Posted: Saint Patrick's Mountain, Ireland was painted a year ago following an amazing 2-week trip to Ireland. It was actually autumn, but seemed fitting for the day...


  1. Hi Susan--What a life! A fine painting. Happy St. Patty's Day to you too. Wm

  2. I think this is a beautiful painting. To be honest I wish I had to worry about having enough paintings! I was moving around the paintings I have in my studio and wishing for buyers to store the darn things!!! Considering a bonfire. I feel somewhat stifled with the things hanging around. I usually turn them to the wall so I don't have to look at them anymore! But with open studio coming up..well they have to show their faces so maybe they can find new homes! Happy St Paddy's day..hmm need to find some green!

  3. just amazing! happy st. p's day to you as well.

  4. c'est toujours très sincèrement un plaisir de visiter ton blog, tu changes de sujet avec ce magnifique paysage qui me fait rêver!
    Susan j'ouvre un blog pour thème "le voyage" vient me rejoindre comme "menbre blogueur" j'en serai très honorée!
    je te souhaite une très bonne journée.
    bises cath.

  5. At least you are wanted Susan! I'm so glad you've turned to painting for you though. I would bet you have the paintings you need! And this is one gorgeous landscape!!

  6. Je comprends que tu fêtes ce saint Irlandais!!! ... Cette année-là, lorsque tu avais peint cette toile, l'Irlande et ses paysages t'avaient inspirée...
    J'ai admiré chez toi tant de belles photos relatives à votre voyage en Irlande. Je suis heureuse de revoir aujourd'hui cette belle toile, dont j'ai pu suivre sa progression via skype...
    Gros bisous ma chérie.

  7. Susan, je voulais te remercier car je suis vraiment contente que tu ai accepté de venir me voir ici sur "Weekend Abstrait" J'avais besoin d'exprimer ma peinture abstraite sur un autre blog. De "Weekend et coup de brosse" on va à "Weekend Abstrait" cela se complète mais l'expression est différente.
    Merci à toi pour ta sympathie,je te souhaite une très bonne journée.

  8. Beautiful painting . . . wonderful impressionist color and variety and such incredible sense of space.

  9. Wonderful painting! I don't have enough paintings, so I'm not worrying about that! LOL! I already know it's true! LOL and Kay, funny post...Like the comment about the bonfire! Hang in there!

  10. Oh, j'adore ce paysage. Cette peinture est vraiment très tendre, très belle. Comme j'aime la nature ! Happy "spring's day" to you.
    God bless.

  11. love the glow in this susan
    happy spring to you

  12. Beautiful painting. Time just goes so fast and it's true that the older you get the faster it goes. I'm with you there.

  13. Maravilloso y sensible. Me ha encantado. Felicidades desde España.


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