Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Swirling Glow
Original oil painting 28x22"
by Susan Roux

Did I learn anything for my last post? Only that using a celebrities name for the title, adding a video and posting it all over facebook didn't yield me any more hits than usual. Actually it yielded less comments than usual... Interesting.

Over time I've noticed that when a person's name is used in the title, I'll receive hits on that post if someone googles them. Sometimes it's over a year later and the post can get very active. It seems more effective when the person isn't well known and there isn't as much written about them over the internet.

With regards to the Sheen post, what I would like is to tap into how to create a growing interest around what I'm doing, without it being bad stuff... I'm not sure if it's even possible. We live in a society that preys on the misfortune of others. Why is that?

I prefer to separate myself from all that. Yes I did post about Charlie Sheen, but it was to inform you about how quickly someone's idea can materialize into something concrete. It wasn't to slam Charlie down. I feel far removed from all the celebrity gossip. Tucked away in the woods of Maine, I prefer to slip into my own little world. My imagination can keep me quite entertained and with a large entourage of family and friends, I live a very nice life here. I don't need others misfortunes to keep me ticking.

Slipping away into my own little world...

It seems to be what my latest series is about. Swirling Glow is the tenth. I like to place them near each other and though half are away at an exhibit, I can still group the others here. It's hit me that since their backgrounds are all ambiguous, they represent the world I make for myself. Maybe not make exactly, but it's where my mind likes to escape to. My own solitary little world.

Don't most artists? We love to really get into our paintings, transforming ourselves, pouring out our soul, or creative energy onto canvas. When all goes well, we find ourselves in a trance. Interruptions can cause us to explode verbally. Slipping away into our creations is what we thrive for. Returning to reality is often resisted.

And so it is with me lately. Perhaps more than ever. I think this latest series taps from deep within. For once, I love what I'm creating. I'm hoping the buying public, if they still exist, will love it too. I was overwhelmed with a phone call the other day from a gentleman who purchased 3 of my girls, exhibited at Nosh. Wow! Could this be a glimpse at the reaction people will have to them? It's the first time they're out in public. What a nice compliment. Thank you sir. Periodically these boosts are necessary to keep our momentum going. Lately my momentum is going strong.

How about you? How is your momentum going these days?


  1. Wow! Susan this is my favourite so far! The shimmering reflective beauty really draws me in.

  2. I love this light filled piece! The whole mood of it is carefree and sun-filled. Nice job. I feel like I am getting ready to start creating again. A personal crisis has knocked me back for a bit but I know that art will help move me forward...it's getting started again that is the challenge.

  3. I feel as you do about celebrity coverage Susan. I don't follow it and when my wife tunes to those shows in the evening I head elsewhere.

    Congratulations on the sale of your three girl paintings! I wish you continued success.

  4. comme une narcisse qui appèle le printemps..beau!

  5. Congratulations on your sales, Susan! Funny thing about what promotes hits on our blogs; I wrote one titled Size Doesn't Matter? It is a huge hit in Russia, where apparently, size does matter...

  6. I love her pose and the brilliant lighting, I can't help wondering what she's thinking about.
    This is really good.

  7. lovely painting. My momentum seems tied to the sun! and deadlines. Since open studio at Poor Yoricks is coming up..I seem to be motivated out of my slump to actually get ready for it!

  8. This panting is lovely! I love the light shining through the girl's yellow skirt! I also like the way that the yellow is picked up in different spots all through the painting.

  9. Gee! I love it! Nice work, beautiful!

  10. This is so beautiful! Congratulations!

  11. Another beautiful piece. I love the style you have. soft feminine. Just lovely.

    Congratulations on the sale of 3 pieces. May you have many more.

  12. The sunshine en personne... qui veut-elle éblouir?... Est-ce Demoiselle Printemps? Un beau travail dans les jaunes...
    Encore toutes mes félicitations pour tes ventes...
    Gros bisous

  13. Love the sunlight filtering through the fabric of her skirt, Susan. I too can escape into my head, rarely being bored. This has been a beautiful series of "painted" ladies.

  14. Hi Susan,

    First of well done to your son and I wish every success, secondly well done on your recent success too!

    I think you are dead right. There are lots of ways to generate traffic to our blogs but at what cost and to what gain. We have to be clear what our goals are as otherwise we spend too much time on the internet and not enough time creating.

    It's about balance and clarity of purpose. For you, you encourage and build up other artists all over the world and gain exposure for your work on your blog. And it's nice too to think of you squirreled away in the woods in Maine producing beautiful light filled paintings. Keep it up!


  15. I'm so happy you love what you're painting. I love this work too!


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