Thursday, October 14, 2010


Original oil painting 4x4"
by Susan Roux

Here in Maine, the art season is summer. It's warm weather, vacationers and tourist. Tons of shops and galleries prepare in springtime by filling their stores with plenty of inventory, in hopes of a profitable season ahead. For artists in galleries, spring deliveries bring about relief. A time to breath after a long winter of painting and preparing.

Its not a bad schedule. When the weather is cold and nasty, we're indoors painting. When warm weather arrives, we can slow down and enjoy it. Plein air painting, gardening, photo shoots, long walks and beaches... (and this year, hosting other artists!) The hustle of preparing our inventory is behind us.

This has been my mindset for a decade.

Of course there are always a few exhibitions we get involved in. I never get to worried about them as the bad economy has left me with quite an inventory. There's usually something here I can grab to go deliver.

So that's why this October is catching me a bit off guard. It seems I applied and signed up for several exhibitions that are all overlapping. I'm scrambling a bit for satisfactory inventory, but also frames. Oil paintings are easy to transfer in and out of them, so I don't keep too many extras on hand.

Tomorrow night (5-7 p.m.) is the opening at Gallery 5, where my four plein air works will be on exhibition for a month. Please come and say hi if you're around. Tuesday I'll be delivering works to Wilton, Maine where they will hang for three months. Come November 6, I'm participating in a large, one-day exhibition at the hospital. It doubles as a fundraiser with doctors and other well-to-do on the invitation list. There's a cost to participate. Sales can't ever be expected nowadays, so I'm painting some small pieces to entice them.

Posted is Asters on a chunky little 4x4" gallery wrapped canvas. Quick, loose and no frame required. Perfect for the occasion. (I hope...) Usually my smallest works are 12x16". This miniature size is a bit unsettling for me. I still have a stroke or two to add, perhaps some highlights, before its complete.

I also have Purple Coneflowers started. In the days to come, I'd like to paint several. I think they'll be more obvious hanging in a bunch. I'm also planning to bring my second Lisa in hopes of promoting myself as a portrait artist.

Come December, my students will be exhibiting at Guthries, a small local eatery/pub that prides itself in promoting the arts. I have my work cut out for me, preparing for that one!

So summer's done, but my work with exhibitions is cranking. I'll be busy.

...but isn't this life fun?

(so tell me, how do we sign these little miniatures?)


  1. very nice Susan. Those Asters really sing. Signing these miniatures is an art in itself I am convinced. On my watercolors I have even resorted to using a fine pen.
    The spaghetti sauce looks pretty yummy. Now we just have to figure a way to get it out to Wyoming.LOL.
    I too am amazed at how an artist can get a "painters block" I tell folks who are in the gallery that there is no excuse to do a bad painting when we have so much around us. Paintings are everywhere begging to be let out of our souls.
    Paint on and have a great day doing so.

  2. :) These are really nice. One day I plan to take a painting class...I LOVE paintings but cant even draw lol

  3. Your asters are beautiful, Susan. As you know I paint the smaller sizes and have resorted to using my logo on front (the letter C surrounded by a heart which is actually a letter B on it's side for Carol Blackburn; my hubby created it for me), and the year. On the back I printed up these clear self-stick labels with full artist details which I stick to the frame portion. Works for me, very nicely.
    Good luck with your exhibits.

  4. Fall here is also a time for exhibitions, shows and charity events with their requests for donations plus some last minute plein air painting to catch the fall color.
    I usually sign with my initials only but even these seem too much for really small paintings. Sad to say, I resort to putting my name on the back and compensate by including the painting's title.
    Your asters should attract attention even without company I think.

  5. i fiori regalano sempre dolci emozioni. belli!

  6. Good to see you so busy. I guess there are worse problems to have than having too many events to show in!

  7. God bless you Susan and I pray that you have a wonderful Fall Season :-)


  8. blue flowers.
    d'ont have blue dayses in Brazil.
    Very beautiful.
    Hello Susan eu não sei nada de inglês mas vou me esforçando.
    Sucesso para você,que como eu ama a arte.

  9. Lovely blue flowers! So pretty and expertly rendered. The softness of your work is wonderful. This piece is very special!

  10. Elles dansent comme une pluie d'étoiles tes asters et nous font briller les yeux... Bisous

  11. Wonderful little floral, Susan!
    We are all part of the cycle of life always preparing for the season ahead, a la squirrels, bears, etc.
    I enjoy your blog!

  12. I am learning so much about the artist's life and what happens. I didn't realize you sold your painting in exhibits. I assumed you did them for yourself. I was happy to see you do as you are really good! I love these paintings.

  13. Your asters are lovely, Susan, so soft and calming. I can't wait to see how the purple coneflowers turn out. They are one of my favorite flowers and I miss them here in Florida.

    I also dislike painting small, but they seem to be a must in this economy. They can certainly be a challenge when you like to paint loose.

    Sounds like Maine would fit my artist personality quite well. Wish I could get the husband to consider moving there!

    Good luck with your exhibitions. I too have been taken off guard, with an upcoming exhibit.
    It's such a lot of work framing, etc.

    Hope you sell a bunch!

  14. They are so beautiful.. The light colors are so very pleasing to the eyes... Loved them!
    Have a lovely day:)

  15. Susan, I miss you and wish you could have been in Sherrie's workshop with me. She's a true professional and I really enjoyed watching her do the demos. She was OK with me painting on my own and doing what I wanted . . . . . that's good because I still don't know what I want.

  16. Wow just beautiful I so love the blue flowers. I never leave your blog without being glad that I visited thank you again Susan

  17. i've been catching up on your blog & just wanted to tell you how nice it is to spend time here - and lovely purple guys, too! thank you!

  18. I love yours flowers, are very beautiful. Congratulation. Have a lovely day!

  19. Best of luck with your shows Susan, these cheerful florals are bound to speak to potential buyers!

  20. I love that painting. I've wondered myself how those little master pieces were signed.

  21. I love your Asters Sue! Beautiful rich blues. I looked at your past "pasta" post. You made me smile because I think most of us feel the same when we're pulled away from our painting! But I have to say your sauce did "look wonderful".

  22. Susan, to me, these flower paintings are both beautiful. I love the asters just because I love the blue! Best regards.
    PS : thanks a lot for visiting my blog.


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