Friday, October 29, 2010

K. Mizner

Work in progress
by Susan Roux

Ok, I've kept an interesting blog to myself for long enough now. Its time for me to share.

Remember Chicken Coop man? Well he signs his canvases K Mizner. Frankly I don't know why, because Chicken Coop man is so much easier to remember...

If you recall I met Kevin at a workshop and painted in his studio Coop with Nora Kasten. Kevin is quite hilarious and even at the workshop, we were drawn towards each other. We set up our easels side by side and more off-handed comments were slapped around than paint! At the time I thought it was our shared Maine residency that drew us together. We seemed to have the same off-kilter view of things. But now as time passes, I think it was his humor that drew me in.

Kevin didn't blog.

Well, that never settles well with me. Why not? I asked. Its a great thing. After all, its how Nora and I met. I explained, I'm certain with wise cracks thrown in (some people bring that out in me, but I won't mention names... Rick), that blogging is a great way to meet, interact and network with artists from all over the country and the world. Well Kevin may be from the backwoods of Maine, but he's no dummy. Up here, backwoods doesn't mean backwards. There are some pretty smart cookies tucked in around here.

I think it was the very next day that I received an email from Kevin announcing he had started to blog. Smart guy.

He's posted daily since. He has so much to talk about, frankly I don't know what he did with all those thoughts before he could rant them out on a blog. You need to go be a follower. I mean seriously. He'll crack you up everyday. He can't help it. It just pours out of him. I literally burst out laughing aloud while reading it. My husband asks what's so funny? I'm just reading Kevin's blog...

I've chosen today to send you there, because he has a wonderful chilling Halloween story to tell you. He spoke of this while we visited his Coop, but the story he shared then was different than the one he posted. So you can urge him to post more on the subject. He's got stories...

Chicken Coop man currently has 9 followers. Yes I know, its sad. Go make his number rise. I'm sure he'll appreciate it. And for you, a daily post full of laughs with some art thrown in here and there. How can you go wrong?

Posted is the progression of the Wednesday Night Ladies class painting. We finally filled in the remaining white canvas and I allowed some of the sunlit flowers to emerge. Hey, I had to keep them happy...

One more note: For those of you who've been asking, I found artists to fill the four bedrooms in the February rental.


  1. Thank you for mentioning me, Susan! I sign my name K. Mizner, because anything else would require spell-check. If anyone of your faithful followers wants to sign up for my blog, I'll let 'em in for half price! Thanks!

  2. I like this painting, apparently undefinited! Misty colours give a great effect...Arianna

  3. Thank you for sharing
    This fabulous work with us
    Good creations

  4. Wow! You found enough people to stay at that awesome house! I think there is a story in that meeting. I think you need to bring me along, and I will write about it all;)

  5. wonderful painting! love the blurriness it helps create a sort of a mystery ....

  6. Great start on your painting, and thanks for a great Halloween story, too.

  7. Bravo Susan, tu as trouvé des colocataires pour ton prochain séjour... Très bien emboîtée cette nouvelle toile en cours... Félicitations...
    Je m'en vais visiter le blog de l'homonyme de mon fils... Bisous

  8. wow. 25 comments. my obit won't have that many.


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