Friday, March 26, 2010


Lost in the chaos!

My poor girl looked better when she wasn't painted...

I had trouble deciding what color to paint her shirt. I don't think my selection was great. Far from it. I've created a new challenge for myself. My job now will be to tone down the reflective water until she pops out in clearer view.

The other Children at the Beach in this series aren't competing with various reflections in the water. Only their reflections are visible. I thought it would be fun to add surrounding elements and hoped it would contribute to the composition by adding depth in the reflection. I was correct with the depth, but didn't anticipate the chaos that has occurred.

It will be an interesting challenge to pull this all together.

Challenges and mistakes are where we learn. Though frustrating at first, the process needed to pull yourself out of it makes you search your memory bank for solutions. What have I seen before? What have I done before? Have I faced this problem in the past? How did I solve it?

Why did I do it again???

Loosing your subject can be very alarming. I'm anxious to jump back into this painting to try my shot at bringing her back. I think its still possible to succeed, but the chance to fail is equally great. Excitement and fear rush though me simultaneously. In my head sits the solution, but will it be in my brush? I really don't want to loose the freshness and transparency in my colors. Contrast is missing. I'm thinking dull versus bright is the path I should follow. I imagine it working...

...but will it.

I'll keep you posted on my progress.

(Maybe she's praying to be seen or to be found...)


  1. Oh I'd bet the rent on you rising to the challenge - and succeeding Susan :)

    Btw I was showing my wife your blog and she loved your paintings! Her favorite was the one titled Portulacas.

  2. I think you really have something going here Susan. Very busy but it doesn't bother me at all. Great colors. I'd hate for you to destroy it all by trying to make the figure come out more thouh I think I know what you are saying.

  3. well I think your paintings are all beautiful, but I see what you're talking about. it's just a little hard to focus on one thing in this one. I'm sure you can save it and make it a piece you're happy with.

  4. It's tough isn't it! But when we recognize a challenge in front of us, it pushes us through to learn something. I understand what you're saying but it still is quite lovely.

  5. susan,
    I am happy to see such a nice picture...
    the reflection is beautiful...
    at first look, i mistook it for a photograph...

  6. I am anxious to see the final version. I bet it will look wonderful!

  7. First thing I thought when I saw it - literally, in one second - "Beautiful work, but the values and color are competing..." - So I would LOVE to see this piece again with the water made to back down a bit in both value and color. The reflections themselves could be a painting! Yes, yes, yes, this, THIS is how we learn. Every single one of us, till we are gone from here! We can take all the classes at all the 'best' places, and nothing will replace just doing it. You go, girl!


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