Monday, March 29, 2010

Share smiles

(Still deciding if its done...)
Original oil painting
by Susan Roux

Yesterday a few of us from my Wednesday night paint class went to see Tricia Griffin sing. She too is from this paint class. We are all aware of her singing talent. So many times during class she graces us with her beautiful voice. As she relaxes and the paintbrush flows rhythmically, she begins to sing. Often a few other ladies chime in as well. Soft beautiful music followed by giggles from the bunch becomes the backdrop for class.

I'm so blessed to have them for students.

She's invited us many times, over several years, to her performances. I've never attended. Most times there was a conflict in schedule. (I'm teaching...) Tricia is in a singing group, but at times she sings solo with her guitar. So was the case yesterday.

We found her at a nursing home/assisted living facility, donating her time and talents to cheer the residents. I admired her. What greater gift can you give someone then an unselfish act that brings others pleasure? The residents and the director all wanted her back, and for longer...

I found myself fighting back tears. She sang songs my parents loved. Songs my parents would sing around the house when I was just a child. I could hear my Dad's voice in my head as she sang Edelweiss... My body swayed in total calmness with the melody. Funny how music can put you somewhere in your past. The ultimate time travel machine! Simply... music.

Though awake, you find yourself in a dream.

There I was in our gold-painted living room. Mom at the old, bulky player-piano, fingers flying in every direction and Dad to her left, singing in merriment. His voice in the cellar, hers in the heavens. They sounded so beautiful together. I tried to keep up, but could never hit the notes they sang. Mom's voice (and my childish one trying to imitate her) were suddenly in my head as Somewhere over the Rainbow flowed amazingly out of Tricia's mouth. A little old man, who seemed to be sleeping throughout the performance, shouted out, "Judy Garland!" as she began. I wondered, about this simple half hour gesture and how it impacted these residents. Where did these songs take them? I like to imagine, they were twirling around on a dance floor with the love of their lives!

The more common songs, brought the room to life. In timid quiet voices they joined in softly, without overpowering Tricia. Bravely, without a mike, she created a giant sing-a-long. I saw the wrinkled faces twinkle and smile. What a gift she gave them!

Tricia, you're a wonderful person...

Too often, we don't stop and think of how our small acts can really lift the spirits of others. You never know what a stranger is going through. What battles they're facing. Whether they're at the brink of falling into depression, or not. Maybe they are totally content. Either way, even a simple gesture like a smile or a hi, can suddenly change their day around. Let's not forget this. I know all you lovely bloggers have loads of smiles to share! Let's go share some...


  1. That was a lovely post Susan. Tricia is a good hearted soul to give of herself like that.

  2. Susan, what a lovely tribute. You are blessed to have a student like her. I'm betting she got more from it than she gave! Thank you for posting.

  3. susan,
    it is a touching experience...

  4. Hi Susan,
    It's a lovely moment with your memories and the child memories are the founding of your life... Kisses

  5. Hello Susan. Thank you for the wonderful post. Very good that your parents sang together. My father always used to sing his favorite songs, and my mother only on holidays. Do you want to make a post about your parents. It would be interesting to learn about their youth. And where can I listen to songs about which you spoke? Love, Grigory.

  6. I enjoyed reading your post. It is so nice to treasure those sweet memories.


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