Saturday, March 20, 2010

Olympians? no...

My neighbors work for the olympics.

Its a very unusual thing, I know. When they first moved in several years ago and mentioned working for the olympics, our reaction was, 'Wow!" We don't often stop and think of the people working for the olympics, but there are many.

How glamorous it seemed. They were off to Torino! They were off to China! They were off to Vancouver! But it isn't as glamorous as it first sounds. Depending on their job, people can be assigned to be on location for 4 or 5 months. During this time, they work every day for very long hours. We can't even communicate via email; they have no time to read it or respond.

Can you imagine such a demanding job?

No time to paint...

Chris is one of my students. This time, four months away felt very long to me. No neighbors next door for a whole season and more. A missed student in my wonderful Wednesday night ladies class... Early on there were postcards. We all delighted in the short words that came. Every Wednesday someone asks if I've heard from her. The time seemed so long.

Well I'm happy to report that they returned while I was away in Florida. My neighbors are back! (Some of you probably have neighbors you'd like to get rid of for months at a time, but these are not that type of neighbor...)

I got my much needed "Chris hug" yesterday. Its been so long, she didn't even know I blogged. We have so much to catch up on. She hasn't painted since she left at the end of October and really misses it. Her "art fix" was to sneak off to a few art exhibits in slight moments of down time. I'm going to put a paintbrush back in her hand as soon as I can!

Chris may be starting her own blog. Something about fish tacos... She's very smart and comical so I'll let you know when it begins.

Posted is Chris during one of my workshops last summer. Welcome back Chris!


  1. awesome post, I was aware that people worked for the Olympics but did not know how demanding the job is.. yikes!!!

  2. It's a blessing to have a great neighbor and even better if they turn into a friend. Welcome back Chris and I look forward to reading on your blog Susan, that she has started her fish tacos blog :)

  3. I can relate to their effort as I volunteered at the Vancouver 2010 for three weeks and it almost did me in. Quite an experience though and they must have lots of stories to tell!

  4. Wow. What a coincidence Barb! I just went to check your blog, I've been out of the circuit lately... I love your Olympic paintings!

  5. So true about having good neighbors! We've been lucky in that regard.

    While working for the Olympics sounds like it would be interesting I don't think I'd like to be uprooted from my family and friends for 4 months at a clip.

  6. Yes I have had neighbours I would have loved to have seen the back of but fortunately only once in my life. Now I have ones who are moving and I am sorry to see them go. You Susan will always be surrounded by people who are a joy. How do I know this? Because you are a joy yourself.

  7. I know you're happy Chris has came back. You miss her. I'm very jealous of these lovely photos. Mike you'll have to take photos for me when i'm at your home!!!
    I'll be very happy to meet Chris and share your lesson.

  8. How very interesting! I don't know anybody who works for the Olympics- it must be very tiring and stressful- then exhilirating in a rush!


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