Monday, March 1, 2010

Wise man

Lake Reflections
by Don Hatfield

When a wise man talks, do you listen?

I like to think I do. If you find someone who has been doing the same activity as you, but for much longer, it stands to reason they may be more knowledgeable. When you hear what they have to say, this assumed knowledge either becomes evident or not.

I want to direct you to couple entries on color. Its a strong opinion that can be very helpful to anyone struggling with it. If you don't agree with him, please don't get all McCoy! Its probably likely you're not completely understanding what Hatfield has to say...

I'm keeping this brief. Don's entries are lengthy, but well worth the read.

I'm sending you to two links. Don Hatfield rewrote his post on color trying to simplify and clarify. Personally I think reading both paints the picture very well. Here they are in the order they were written. One. Two.

Please do yourself a favor and take time to read these. Even if you're not struggling with color at the moment, its reassuring to know that your own choices are the best.

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