Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Here she comes!

Martine-Alison is coming to visit!

From France to Maine. For three glorious weeks, I might add... Can you see me jumping with excitement? Getting together with other artists is such a rewarding experience. Today, Leslie Saeta posted about meeting Dreama Tolle Perry, an artist she blogs with. If you still haven't had this experience, I urge you to try it as soon as possible. You're in for a wonderful surprise!

Through a nutty impulsive act, I got Martine-Alison represented by the Blue Heron Gallery. Though we are nations apart, we revel in the fact that our art hangs together. Martine-Alison and Susan Roux, side-by-side as we wish to be...

I suppose you want to hear the story.

As I've already mentioned, Roy, the owner and I have a very good relationship. To truly understand what happened, I must inform you of his love for the female form. Every year I paint him a "babe" or two to keep him interested and happy. This year I delivered Roaring Twenties and Golden Shimmy. You get the idea...

I recall, a few years back during a phone conversation on the off-season, he told me to try painting in the nude! Sales were on the decline and he thought I might loosen up and pour my passion onto the canvas if I was completely free. I laughed at his suggestion, because my Catholic upbringing made this totally impossible. Not to mention that if he really wanted me to relax, this was not the way to do it!

He then suggested I paint my "beach babes" (as he likes to call them), without clothes. It was a very humorous conversation, I assure you. At every suggestion, I laughed and laughed. Did he have any inclination of my sensitivity to public display?

"But your an artist!" he continued. "You're suppose to be fine with nudity. You're suppose to be open minded and free. You really should try it!" He urged on.

It wasn't working...

Later that day, Martine-Alison had just completed a painting. As usual she emailed me the image. This is what she sent:

by Martine-Alison

We were instant messaging at the time and I was telling her of my conversation with Roy. We were giggling and all sorts of crazy, silly things were flying out of our mouths, or rather, our fingertips... When we get going, a whole lot of ridiculous gets fed upon by both parties and its no wonder the expression "fruitcake" comes into the conversation! One silly idea leads to another silly idea and being as visual as we are... well you can only imagine the level of hysterical we touch upon.

So somewhere in the middle of being totally foolish together, I get the idea of sending her image to Roy.

A few giggles later, with her daring me to do it, and I was emailing Roy.

It was a very brief message. It read, "Is this what you mean?" and Martine-Alison's image.

As you can well imagine, I received a response very quickly! He knew instantly it wasn't my work, but he certainly wanted to know who's work it was! (I wonder what Leo is looking at?)

And so it happened that with one foolish act, my friend became represented by the Blue Heron Gallery...

For those of you who keep wondering how to get gallery representation? It isn't always a fine art. Sometimes craziness is the way in.

So Martine-Alison is arriving just in time to attend the Grand Season Opening! Let me tell you, Roy puts on a fabulous opening party! It will be held on Saturday, May 29. The gallery is in Wellfleet, MA on Cape Cod. If any of you are nearby or will be visiting during Memorial weekend, please do come meet us. We will be the two silliest girls in the building. You'll find us be following the giggles...

Go meet artists. You'll spark such stimulation in yourself, you'll be amazed! Any time together or simply communicating together will be precious.

You already have so much in common...


  1. what a lovely story!! and what a fun way to gain representation!!

  2. This is Greaaaat, Susan! I sure wish I could be there with you two.

  3. You are so industrious. And how fun to meet a fellow blogger. I can't wait for it to happen for me some day. I already feel so akin with some of the ladies with whom I trade almost daily emails. Also, did you tweak the design of your blog? It looks great!

  4. Nora I wish you could join us too. We would have so much fun!

  5. Great story! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful visit.

  6. What a great story Susan! Martine is visiting for three weeks?? I wonder if she will return home speaking French with a New England accent ;)

  7. Lol Maybe not Brian, I kinda have a Canadian french accent...

    Shiny Pebble, my blog design is just a template through blogspot...

  8. Great story Susan. It is amazing how blogging has brought so many of us together. And what a great friend you are! Now I am determined to find a gallery here in california for Dreama's work. I doubt it will be hard as she is amazingly talented!

  9. Hi ... Oh! my Susan !!
    I didn't think to find this kind of reporting on your blog today!! I'm very touched and honored to be in the headlines!... Thank you very much dear Susan. I'm so excited to know we'll be able to meet again... As i'm a fruitcake i began to write my list in order to do not forget something!!! Otherwise my green pea will blow up!!
    I'm happy to meet Roy too and talk together painting and more... To answer to Brian i hope Susan helps me to speak in english... because i don't think her husband learned french since our meeting!!! (sourire!)
    I wish to tell you so much things... blablabla!
    But today i'm sending a lot of kisses.
    Susan writes the true if you can meet between bloggers, do it!

  10. oh what a wonderful story..espeially since I am new to blogging and to following both of you! I sure wish I could be there to see your wonderful art and party ...have a good time

  11. What a great story Susan. I was fasinated and laughing out loud at the same time. Good luck to your friend Martine-Alison. and don't forget, the kettle is always on and the door always open here for you!

  12. Thank you Roisin. And the same is true for you too!

    Hope your exhibition painting is going well!

  13. What a fabulous story!!! I look forward to hearing what happens when you meet in person.

  14. great story Susan. I have several promises of fellow blog artists to stop by and visit here in Wyoming and I think it will be great fun. So if things are too boring in Maine-there is always Wyoming. Where by the way this morning it was 20 degrees with 60 MPH wind and snowing with zero visibility. Do your visit after July 4 and then you should be safe.
    Wait till my poor wife hears of all the guests invited for our Gallery Bar-B-Que . Every friday evening.

  15. This is great! Absolutely wonderful! I just started blogging with Martine and her art is fantastic.

  16. Susan--I loved the comment you left on my blog--didn't have time to respond at the moment, but here I am and how cool is it that you are meeting your blogging buddy as well??? My time with Leslie Saeta was just as natural as if we had been having lunch together for 20 years. Blogging is a great thing for artists--the connections and commaraderies are priceless! Love your blog--both your writing and your paintings!

  17. what a lovely story, I wiwh you a good time with Martine!


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