Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Warm soil

The sun shines and the green carpet is laid outside my front door. The lawn is nearing its first "mow" of the season. How lush and inviting it is.

Creativity surges through my veins. It bubbles and excites. The yellow daffodils radiate tall above the dense patches of blue snow glories. Large tulip buttons rise and await their turn for center stage. Such beauty. The colors of the garden intermingle like the colors of a painting. Spring is calling. Its calling me out. I want to go play in the dirt...

Its a great time to rearrange perennials. As they pop out of the ground, memories of last summer's garden flood my mind. The blossoms. The colors. The spectacular dance of changes, as new flowers bloom and others fade. The garden can change color totally in the process. As I watch each new plant emerge from the warm soil, I remember its unique presence and gift to the garden.

Some plants have grown taller than expected and block delicate others. Beautiful, hidden plants should be moved. The excitement of rearranging urges me forward. Its the creativity of the process. Like sculpting an unseen item. The imagination is what leads. Imagining height, color and blooming time. Rearranging is the creation. The outcome is the show. The show of scented color that will continue to come until autumn's frost. But now, frost is far from my mind. Warm sun takes over.

I have many flower gardens. They are all around my home in unusual ameba-shapes that inspire asymmetry. Like wondering, exciting sprawls rising out of the green carpet. They seduce me...

I succumb.

Some plants will be switched to different beds. The shuffle begins. One large spring effort gives way to a summer season of pause and enjoyment, viewed from the pleasure of my garden bench. Sitting there in the afternoon sun, filling my lungs with sweet perfume, makes me thankful for all I've been given in this world. In nature I feel closest to God. What wonderful creations He has made! And he shares it all...

Its good we're sharing our gifts, our talents and our support. It makes God smile down on us. And that's always a good thing...


  1. beautiful! I adore gardening! and off I go!

  2. Magnifiques toutes ces fleurs n'est-ce pas ? Mais attention au chevreuil Susan! ou au chien de prairie... Ils n'en feraient qu'une bouchée!

    Je ressens la même chose lorsque tu écris ton envie, ton amour pour le jardinage. J'aime ça et je me sens affreusement frustrée en ce qui me concerne et tu sais pourquoi... (ne pas pouvoir se donner entièrement à quelque chose fait que je ne fais rien...)


  3. I have a very small garden that takes very little to care for it. I do have aplot where I grow plently vegetables and it takes loads of time to tend. The great joy though is eating the produce and sharing it with others.

    Thank you so much for all your kind words on my blog

  4. Susan,
    Thanks for giving us the photo of "happy Daffys". We had hundreds of them at our lake home in Indiana and we both miss them and wonder if they're still blooming.

    A funny story. Karl bought a special drill bit to dig the holes for all those daffodils. I went out on the upstairs porch and looked down to see him really struggling with drilling those holes and planting the bulbs. He must have had 50 bulbs already planted when he took a break, got something to drink and wiped the sweat off his brow. When he went back to finish his mission, he looked over this wonderful drill ( in the ad ) bit and then realized the drill was set in reverse. Well, it's a funny story in memory.

  5. Gotta love it! Thanks Nora for that lovely story...

    Don't you love being visual? I can just see it all...


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