Friday, April 23, 2010

Ready for delivery

Its been a busy day, but the work is finally done.

Tomorrow I deliver my body of work to the Blue Heron Gallery for the season. The trip to Cape Cod is a four hour drive. I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend on my overnight road-trip, accompanied with my friend/student, Karen.

Once the art is dropped off, I'll get a sense of complete relief. Does that happen to you? All day long, my body's felt tense and the chores of spraying, photographing, framing, wiring and routine paperwork dragged on. I'm certain there's a level of anxiety attached to this whole process. Anxiety that permeates further than just preparing art for exhibition. The added wonder or worry if any sales will occur somehow wrenches into you, though you try to put it out of your mind. Sales are not why we paint. Yet there it is, hovering over us like Eeyore's black cloud...

It makes me needlessly tense. Sure wish I could just shake it off.

Nonetheless, the art sits ready for delivery. My glass of wine is poured and I'm feeling the sensation of relaxation approaching. By tomorrow afternoon it's done. The art will be out of my trunk along with my anxiety. I'll make certain to deliver that too... Funny how after its out of your hands, you can finally let the tension go. But for now, I've felt its weight all day.

On the bright side, today I've talked to California, Florida, France and Russia. Its been a great phone call day. Thanks to all of you. You helped pull me through this day of drudge smiling and laughing. I'm happy with my paintings and how they look all dressed up in their frames. Really, it's all that should matter. Being pleased with our work.

Tomorrow I'll believe that.

As you prepare your final countdown to the delivery deadlines, remember you're not alone on the anxiety wagon! Our creativity is similar. Our stimulation is similar. Our drive is similar. And certainly our worries about our art are also similar!

Cheers to a good season for all and continued happy painting!


  1. looks like a neat gallery..someday maybe I will know what it is like to deliver all that hard work to a neat gallery..enjoy!

  2. I am so glad that I do not have such deadlines to reach I am not sure I would be good at that. I still must be a hippie at heart because I still paint and sell in the old hippie way as it comes as it comes.

  3. Safe trip on your ride to the gallery Susan. I hope you have an enjoyable overnight trip :)

  4. Cool ma Susan... Je sais parfaitement ce que tu dois ressentir... il faut te calmer et à l'heure où je t'écris tu dois te sentir plus légère.
    Je me sens déjà mieux moi aussi maintenant que je connais le choix de Roy en ce qui concerne mes peintures...
    J'ai un sentiment étrange qui plane. Celui que très prochainement elles vont se retrouver près des tiennes. Elles ont connu ta complicité et moi de mon côté je connais les tiennes et tout ce qu'elles cachent...
    Nous en reparlerons ensemble j'espère. En attendant de je te fais de gros bisous, j'ai hâte que tu me racontes tout et tout...!

  5. good luck susan
    hope you sell plenty of those lovely paintings of yours,cheers!

  6. Congratulations and Good Luck!!!!

    (now take a break!)

  7. Wow! What a totally idyllic looking gallery! Hope you do well there.


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