Wednesday, April 28, 2010


You must read Here she comes! first...

I forgot to mention...

In the days that followed, Martine-Alison shipped six paintings to me to deliver to the gallery. All the petite femmes in the six were fully clothed. I questioned her about that, wondering how Roy would receive the work.

Without hesitation, she responded, "Well I've only recently been introduced to him. A lady must take her time and keep the man in anticipation for more..."

Gotta love her!


  1. I am laughing also. I am imagining you painting in the nude. I could never do that either if you ever see the way I paint and often the frenzy and the state of my jeans and shirt. Oh no I would not want that all over my bits can you just imagine getting it off.

    All joking aside a great story from the both of you and I wish you both well. You folks seem very fortunate to have so many galleries where you can hang your work we have very little like that over here. Maybe just as well I would only get upset at the rejection.

    Thank you once again for your very very kind and encouraging words.


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