Wednesday, April 7, 2010

On the go

Work in progress
by Susan Roux

I just returned from visiting my sister and I leave again on Friday to see my college son, who's turning 21. I am "Susan on the go" these days! I'm here. I'm there. I'm everywhere!

Eventually I'll plant my feet back on the ground, but that may not be until the end of April... Spring is here and I've sprung in all directions!

So please bare with me as I trot around. I'll try to stop in as often as I can...

My paintbrushes miss me. My hands ache to hold them. I haven't painted since my last class, Thursday night. At these moments, thank goodness for painting class. Otherwise I probably wouldn't get to paint at all.

Maybe today I'll indulge in some personal, playful painting time. My spirit could use it... (Plus Mike was such a dear and did all the laundry while I was away! Thanks Babe. You're awesome!) It may have created space for some much needed "Susan-time"...

Do you recognize the painting posted? It changes so much with each painting session. The direction I'm going with it, is also changing. The blue patches of underpainting in the foreground look odd and out of place in this photograph, but they really compliment the painting in real life. I've decided to keep them. Its been a challenge, because trees pass all along the front of the building. I'd planned to paint them in. But now if I want to keep the blue patches, I need to abandon that thought. I spent much time last session trying to decide how I would alter my composition mid-stream. That can be a recipe for disaster!

Tonight we continue.

There's a traditional weathervane that rises above the existing pinnacle of the building. I think its important to the composition. It will help set dominance. Warm light will need to find its way into the sky. Currently we have a warm light/cool light situation happening here. Seeing we only have one sun, the same light that drapes itself on the landscape is also present in the sky. It came as an unpleasant surprise to my students when I announced that we would be returning into our sky's...

Luckily the paintings are all dry. Returning to painted areas need not be scary. Any additional strokes, if unwanted, can be easily removed with the magic eraser, mineral spirits! I have no doubt they'll be able to adjust their sky's to the correct light quite easily.

The thought of painting energizes me.

Happy painting all of you wonderful artists! May you find time in your busy lives to nourish your own spirit. As Spring pops and the temperature warms, let yourself flourish with creativity and color.

I sense amazing works will be popping up everywhere...


  1. take care traveling! sending spring blessings!

  2. I love the colors in this composition. Thank you for sharing!

  3. The blue patches do not look out of place or odd at all. I think they are wonderful and true to the scene. I am looking forward to watching this progress!

  4. I am sure you will gather inspiration along the way thru your travels. This is shaping up beautifully and the weather vein does add a lot to the composition.

  5. There's beautiful light on your work in progress!
    Thanks for joining me - I'll be back later when I have more time. (I'm in a veru busy professional period for the moment, but I guess it will be over at least at the end of the month.)
    Welcome back also, and don't hesitate to leave a comment even if my text is in French or some other crazy language.

  6. The painting is looking soooo beautiful already... the warm light and the blue contrast so nicely and vividly, I love it...
    Thanks for all the advise :)

  7. travel is good for the artists' soul

  8. Elle elle court Susan, à droite, à gauche... Elle se démène! Il est vrai qu'au printemps tout se remet en route et nous sommes plus sensible à la fatigue. Nous voulons empoigner tout à la fois, mais ne désespère pas tout se fera tranquillement. Fais attention à toi... Il faut mettre une pointe d'égoïsme dans ta tasse tous les matin et faire chaque jour une chose qui te remplirait de joie. Je crois qu'on m'avait dit ça un jour!!!
    J'aime beaucoup la tournure que prend ta toile. Une explosion de superbes couleurs.
    Gros bisous

  9. Happy Spring ....."Susan on the go"!Found your site by chance. I don't surf but do search for individuals whos share my passion for family ... art... children and positive thinking!

    You qualify under all headings... so I'm a Follower now!

    Your work is very colourful... well designed and most importantly... "speaks from the heart"!

    I particularly enjoyed the inclusion of your family members and their importance in your life. We share these common values. Though my parents have now passed... "I" maintain their presence and importance by sharing my own gifts ... as they both taught "Me" to do... with others on my own journey!

    Happy Easter Susan! Rich blessings!
    Warm regards!
    Bruce Sherman

  10. I love the color and light in this painting. Have a good time traveling.

  11. Your work is outstanding. I will be returning many times. Thank you for sharing.


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