Sunday, May 16, 2010

Beach morning

Beach House
Original oil painting 18x24"
by Susan Roux

This painting was off to a great start. You remember how exhausted I was when it first started pouring out of me? Well it wasn't without some toiling and suffering before it reached completion.

Its becoming a trend.

I'm not sure why, but it seems they all have a great start. I'm encouraged and inspired. But when it comes to the finish, it starts to breakdown. After this happens on too many paintings its easy to get yourself hoaxed, creating an unnecessary fear.

Yesterday Svetlana came to paint for the day. She said my problem in finishing was only that I was tired. She thinks I'm spreading myself out too thin and when the mind is tired, completing a painting becomes difficult.

Her words were comforting to hear.

So with a tiny bit of additional strokes this painting found itself. I have so much trouble capturing my art in photos, so I'd like to inform you that it is soft and dreamy and not stark as it appears here. For some reason, the softness shows up much better in the close-ups. Therefore I've included some for you...

I really neutralized the background to depict distance. Detail on the house is kept to a minimum. I left a one-inch hard edge on the sun/shadow corner and a longer strip under the overhang to lead the eye. The windows however were left ghostly. I wanted the feeling of a house without the painting being about the house. I was interested in capturing the morning light.

Svetlana called this my waterfall of leaves.

I remember this day at the beach house very well. My brother-in-law does work for the owners and often invites us. Its a rental property on the ocean with a private beach that expands a long way. Nearby is a small public beach. The two are separated by a long rock jetty that is only exposed at low tide and covered with slippery seaweed. Few people trudge across the breakwater, leaving the private part very private.

We had been invited to spend the weekend.

How glorious an invitation! We slept in the bedroom at the left front window. Its yellow and sunny with a white sheer curtain that blows gently into the room when the window is open.

The window is always open...

The sound of the waves either keep you awake, or put you to sleep. I love listening. The window overlooks the ocean which is facing east. As the sun began to rise, the wonderful morning light woke me up.

I slipped out of bed quietly, put on my clothes, grabbed my camera and tiptoed out the sliders to walk the beach.

I stayed out for nearly an hour. In complete solitude I enjoyed the morning light, brilliant with intensity, warm my body as it rose. I was so absorbed in the moment, cherishing it all. I watched as the colors which kissed the seascape changed from yellows to pinks.

The waves with their rhythm broke gently as they reached the shore. Seagulls danced at the edge, their white feathers catching the light.

Oh, it was a wonderful moment indeed.

As I returned to the house, I caught the image that inspired this painting. It too was standing there watching and absorbing the morning sun...

I wasn't alone to view the splendor after all.


  1. Lovely painting. I feel the softness you talk about in this painting. And once again, your use of blues is perfect!

  2. Ma petite Susan, ton amie avait raison tu donnes tant de toi que lorsque tu arrives à la fin tu es complètement épuisée. Il était bon que tu reprenne ton souffle. A présent ta toile est parfaite... ce qui te gênait et que tu m'avais montré, ne paraît plus et tu peux être fière de toi et des résultats.

  3. Wow what a lovely location, you're lucky to stay there. I tend to worry more about pictures as I start, or somewhere in the middle, but at the end things seem alright after all. The window looks like it would make a good painting!

  4. Yes it's a lovely soft painting, very difficult to achieve those areas where they are just foliage, but you have done a wonderful job

    thanks for sharing :)

  5. Hi Susan!
    What a lovely painting and the pictures are simply marvelous! So peaceful .....

  6. such a nice painting and photos..sigh..I would love to be on a is raining in Utah

  7. Hi Susan,
    This "Beach morning" is a wonderful place. I love it!

  8. I love the almost glowing like quality around the house...
    Your beach shots are beautiful!!

  9. Hi again Susan!... "I" love your painting... and yes... the softness of this work registers quite nicely on my monitor at least.

    We all pass through the "valley of the shadow of doubt" as we approach the conclusion of each project we undertake. "I" believe that it is indeed a part of one's own artistic process... to try to reconcile one's "preconceived" inner eye image and the "reality"...the product of the outer eye image and our current level of skill... which sits before us.

    Be happy with your process you have most successfully passed through... and the marvelous beautiful space in your life where "You" can find the necessary peace and solitude to launch your next "winner'!

    Good painting!

  10. I love the painting beach morning. It has great softness creating a nice reflection of your time there. Thanis for sharing.


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