Monday, May 10, 2010

Invite an artist

Rose's Colossal Delphiniums
Original oil painting 24x18"
by Susan Roux

I need your help.

As you know, I've been trying to recruit artists to join the blogging world. To some the invitation is casual. "Come check it out. You'd like it." To others, the invitation goes much further. They would truly benefit and are in need of the motivating support-circle we all share.

One in particular.

Her name is Jennifer. She's an artist whose devoted a great deal of time and energy promoting others, with little recognition. She goes out of her way to establish great venues to host exhibitions and invites artists, by the hundreds, to participate. Yet, she stands understated in the shadows. She thrives helping others get exposure in a quiet humble way, never stealing the limelight for herself. Life has been difficult at times. She's battled the difficulties and is a survivor.

Recently, we met for tea. I talked to her about blogging and we both agreed it would be good for her.

Here's where your help comes in...

When life isn't always grand, motivation to start something new is often lacking. My request to you is simple. Here's a pre-written letter to her. Would you please paste it into your mail, fill in the few blanks and send it to this address? It would be wonderful if the art-world finally gave back to her...

Imagine her surprise if everyone who reads this, sends it to her? It gives me happy chills, just thinking about it! Thank you in advance. I know I can count on you.

Hi Jennifer,

I'm . I'd like to invite you to start blogging at www.blogspotcom. I understand you're an artist too, so we're bound to have a lot in common. I look forward to getting to know you and share in your creative works of art.

Please come follow my blog: and let me know as soon as you start your own.

I look forward to following yours too!

Sending you smiles,


You're all so great. Thanks for your help!


  1. Will post a note to Jennifer right now, Susan! Sincerely, Susan

  2. Have e-mailed Jennifer and forwarded a copy to you.
    It's a good thing that you're doing!

  3. Done! This is an interesting experiment. A blog is a great thing to have so I had no trouble in recommending one. Smiles back.

  4. Sounds like a plan Susan! I'll go ahead an email Jennifer now.

  5. great thing for you to do Susan. I will write her now.

  6. Tu es toujours pleine de bonnes et riches idées ma chère Susan...
    J'aime cette toile que tu publies aujourd'hui avec ces fleurs qui m'enchantent...

  7. I love your work, Susan. These flowers brighten the soul, are very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Just sent on my letter to Jennifer! Looking forward to meeting her and seeing her work.


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