Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Wright Gallery

This is the gallery in Cape Porpoise, Maine that represents my work. I love the name.

The Wright Gallery.

I like to tell people that I'm in The Wright Gallery as oppose to the wrong gallery...

It continually gets me a few laughs and I'm always up for laughter!

The owner Charlie is a hoot!

He has a thriving business, even in this injured economy, and I think its due to his personality. People love to come in to see Charlie. Sometimes I wonder if they come for the art at all or solely for a dose of his humor! Either way, they usually leave with art...

There is wonderful art here. Artists who are represented stay on forever. A relationship with the cheerful owner grows until eventually, you become family. You do not find a yearly shift, but rather consistency between these walls. When Charlie takes you on, he puts you under his wing. I feel very comfortable and blessed to be here.

One of my favorite artists at Charlie's is Diane Leonard. She paints dreamy women and children at the beach. Her colors jump at you and the softness makes your mind drift off, as you place yourself in her paintings. It was to my wonderful surprise to find Diane blogging! We've never met. I'm finding her words as sweet, dreamy and wonderful as her art. No doubt she is pouring herself on canvas. When the art reflects the exact personality of its creator, you know the magic is happening!

I'd like to invite you to come see her blog. She is quiet in the blogging world, so few of you have found her. Come treat yourself to be a part of her "dream". And if you're ever in Maine, do stop by The Wright Gallery. You will not regret seeing her glowing art for real! (Plus you get to see mine too...)

Don't forget to tell Charlie I sent you...


  1. Hi Susan,
    Je viens de lire attentivement ton blog et j'ai eu la joie de découvrir celui de Diane.
    Tu m'avais souvent parlé aussi de Charlie et aujourd'hui je fais sa connaissance via la photo. je peux aussi visualiser sa galerie. Trop mignonne! J'espère qu'ensemble nous irons la voir... je te fais des bisous.

  2. How wonderful for you and those who know Charlie's gallery... Seems like a little bit of heaven right there.

  3. Hi Susan...Wonder where in Maine Cape Porpoise is located. Far north? South? Just curious. And yes, of course if I ever go there I will look up Wright Gallery. Sincerely, Susan

  4. Cape Porpoise is a section of Kennebunkport. Its coastal and south of Portland.

  5. Susan,
    I've known Charlie for about 25 years and find what you had to say about him is so true. I to love Diane Leonard's art. I first met her in 1996 and own a number of her paintings. She reminds me so much of Mary Cassatt, her use of color is magical and her techniques are just wonderful and her subjects are so real. Her blogs are really an extension of her art and she is as lovely in person as her art.

    Jim Rosen

  6. Wow, Susan, you're fast, and an early bird on this Sunday morning. Charlie looks like a character; you're blessed to have him.

  7. it is so great to have a gallery that is true to the artist. being artist ourselves in our gallery, I think, has made a real difference in how we treat our artists.
    Galleries such as Charlie's are a real God-send. I would say you are in the right gallery.

  8. I'll have to look up the Wright Gallery when I visit Maine - how fortunate you are that you are in the right gallery - a little tinge of envy :)
    Happy painting -

  9. Hi Susan,

    The Wright Gallery looks like a real find and Charlie like a real charaicter! Thanks for introducing us to Diane by the way. Best wishes Róiín


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