Monday, May 3, 2010

Been outdoors...

I've been gardening.

Its one of my other great pleasures. I know I've mentioned that before...

Perennials are my favorites. From bulbs to plants, they begin their colorful show just as the snow melts. Unlike annuals that require warm temperatures, many perennials can tolerate Maine conditions. Yeah! Its only the beginning of May and I have color throughout my yard. We had a mild, early-ending winter and plants are eager to burst into bloom well before their usual debut. Tulips are still blooming and typical June flowers have large buds ready to pop!

I can't stop myself from going outside.

Everything has come early. The leaves, the grass, the birds, the warm temperatures and yes, even the bugs!

There are plants like Russian Sage and Lavender that I've wanted in my garden for awhile now. Size is a factor. I have little room left for such large plants. My solution has been to make a new garden. So lately I've been removing grass and adding compost to create a bed for these desired "purple" beauties.

I must say, we use different muscles doing this work than when we paint...

My body screams at me in the morning, but it isn't enough to stop me. My love for nature and color extends pass the easel. For me, imagining which flowers will bloom together and placing them so the colors and size will compliment each other is very similar to painting. The biggest difference being that I have to wait to see the results. Little green tufts, that will later bloom in color, or tiny bulbs are like my paints. Place each at a special spot and the result will be beautiful. My imagination peeks and I'm swept away with this more physical type of creation.

The work is plentiful in the spring. Its easiest to move plants around at this time. Spring rains and the lack of scorching temperatures help ease the transplants into their new locations. Every year the show, the completed canvas, is different. Soon my heavy work will be done. The remainder of the season is devoted to enjoying the creation in its constant performance. As one color fades a new one replaces it, like an ongoing dance titillating the eyes.

Later I will bring my easel outside. Somedays I'll paint the floral display. Other times I will paint, like in the studio, but in the beauty of my gardens. I paint best when I'm happy and at peace. In the midst of my flower dance, my creative spirit easily takes flight. All the work I do now is in anticipation of the display later.

Luka Bloom, you know the Irish singer I like so much.., spoke about writing songs. For this creative portion of his work, he requires quiet times of peace and reflection. Its when you can really hear your inner-self, your spirit speak. I feel the same about painting. There are days when its better for me to stop, relax and listen. Haste doesn't benefit my results. To paint nature, its essential that I take time reflecting in it. Quiet time.

So don't worry that I'm not painting. Soon I will be and this quiet, yet physical time, will add to my creative spirit. The more I absorb in, the more I will have to release out!

Don't spend all your time hurrying through life. Make sure you allow yourself quiet times of reflection. They're essential, for many reasons. Just like the buds on my plants ready to explode into blossoms, you will find your creativity ready to explode on canvas!

Marvelous things can happen...


  1. I am at the point of making new gardens too! your photos of your beds and flowers are awesome!

  2. Thanks for your visit and comments, love your blog. I am so non-talkative on mine, I fear I am boring! Let me know if you are ever in the area doing plein air!

  3. Your garden looks beautiful Susan! Sunday the weather here was pretty good so my wife and mom did some planting. I like looking but I'm not one for playing in the soil much.

  4. What an absolutely beautiful garden! I'm envious. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Susan,
    I couldn't agree with you more!

  6. Susan''Olá!
    Obrigada Por visitante Minha pagina
    E ESTA Seguindo o Meu blogs!
    Que Deus te ilumine, Muita saúde com
    e paz. Obrigado Pelo o carinho Tão Gentil
    da parte do Tua! ok
    E tambem Quero parabenizar Atua pagina,
    Tão incantadora com fotos, adorei muito!

    Fraternos Abraços! Ademir Alves

  7. I love your garden Susan! I can't wait to see what you create as a result. I appreciate your visiting my blog and positive comments. Your blog is so inspiring.

  8. Your garden is very beautiful like your soul...
    What you write about of your gardening and your creativity is true.
    The gardening or the cooking or something else are complementary to the painting.
    I'm happy to come sooner at your home and spend a lot of time with you among your eden garden.
    I have the same before. It now stays in my mind because i can't take care of it as i would like to do... I think you know what i want to say...
    Kisses my dear friend.

  9. I am planning to get the gardens going on Mother's day since we have had a very cold snowy spring so far. I love the orangey tulips

  10. en ce moment..pluie, neige et vent...on attend le joli mois de mai avec impatience!
    les tulipes doivent inspirer une artiste comme vous!

  11. Susan, you have a wonderful garden full of colors. I feel envy of it and from your marine climate.

  12. Hi! I'm your newest follower!
    I love this post...and bringing my easel out into the garden in "plein air" is such bliss!
    It was a pleasure to read come by and visit with me as well...

    my main blog is Creative Carmelina...
    and my 'chatty' blog is Conversational Carmelina...

    see you there!

    ciao bella

  13. I have a small garden at the rear of my house where I grow some flowers but I have a plot where I grow veg I have all kinnds of things planted and just love it. Love the pictures.


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