Monday, September 6, 2010

Another artist visits

Magical Garden
Original oil painting 16x20"
by Susan Roux

Nora Kasten is coming to Maine.

I'm so excited! Like you, I met Nora through blogging. This past March, I visited her during my vacation to Florida. My husband and I melted at the sight of all her romantic paintings hanging throughout her house. There's nothing quite like viewing the actual art, is there? Our visit was wonderful and too short.

Nora contacted me recently and asked if I would join her for Stapleton Kearns' workshop. It will be held in Bass Harbor, Maine. We're talking tip of Mount Desert Island (Bar Harbor). Rocky coast and crashing waves. Its a plein air workshop and should be very interesting since I've never painted the ocean up-close in plein air. Not only are we dealing with the ever changing light issues, those waves don't stand still for a moment! Don't even talk to me about the tide change.

I see a challenge in my future...

Of course I said yes. Who wouldn't? Not only will I get a grand dose of Stapleton's knowledge, I'll also get to paint with Nora. Unbelievable...

Please come early so I can sit and watch you paint those magnificent roses. I'll gladly buy you a whole bouquet!

Its been an exciting summer of artists visitors for me. Three weeks of Martine-Alison, over a week with Don Hatfield and now, who knows how long, with Nora Kasten. I'm so blessed to have all you wonderful people in my life. Blogging has been a gift. I can't think of an easier way to network with and among our peers throughout the world. There's a comfort we build here. A trust. Not only are we revealing ourselves through our art, our words cover pages and pages, helping us understand each other. So many similarities exist in our thought process as we continue this art journey we're on. Friendships grow and blossom.

Go meet each other. I've repeated this over and over. Host an artist in your home. You'll be so stimulated, you won't believe it! Are we unique? We sure are. But artists are also very similar. What are you afraid of? Invite someone. Who knows, you might just be so lucky as to have them accept...

Posted is one of four plein air paintings I submitted for approval in a local plein air exhibit at Gallery 5. Hopefully something of mine will make it into the show.


  1. I am sure you two will have awhale of a time together two lovely people and two great artists. When you have one of your good moments together will you raise a glss to me as I will to you both.

  2. Great advice...

    Hmmmmmm Now to act on a good idea!!

    BTW I like your newest painting.

  3. this painting is gorgeous! love the blending of colours..

  4. Je te souhaite vraiment de très agréables heures avec Nora et je sais que c'est important pour toi... je sais que cela va beaucoup t'apporter mais ce que tu ne sais pas ou que tu n'avoues pas cc'est que Toi tu apportes beaucoup aussi... Je voulais que tu le saches... Bisoussssssssss

  5. How fun! Life really is such an adventure and blogging seems to have a lot of rewards in that area. haven't met any blogging friends yet in person but I definitely look forward to it. All of these amazing creative people like you!

  6. What an awesome opportunity you have coming up! The rocky coast of Maine has always been my dream desire of a place to live. I have no idea why, but it has been that way since I was a little kid. Love this painting and I'd bet dollars to donuts you make it into the gallery.

  7. Pretty garden scene! Maybe we'll both have work in this next show. I submitted garden scenes from home as that's as far as I got doing plein air. Have a blast at Stapleton's workshop...wish I could be there.

  8. Oh how wonderful that you can meet up with some other painters!

  9. You are a precious person and I have commented on the painting before but just popped back to tell you that was how I was feeling right now about you.

  10. Susan this is a lovely painting. I particularly like the softness of the distant trees against that beautiful sky. I love what you've said about blogging. I started blogging about 5 months ago and had no idea that I was going to be introduced to a community of supportive artists from all around the world. It's truly amazing. I think we as artists really need blogging, because painting can be a very solitary endeavour, so to regularly gain precious comments and suggests from your peers is a wonderful thing.

  11. Susan, yes I am the artist who sent Ralph the original drawing of the tree.. I found your blog and happy that I did.

  12. Absolutely beautiful painting Susan. This piece is definitely "magical". Vivid colors..yet softly done. Great job.

  13. Wow, this is beautiful, Susan. Love the strong values and subtle color shifts. Wonderful composition, too.


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