Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dabble color

Work in progress
By Susan Roux

I spent yesterday in my studio. I was overdue. All my "children at the beach" were dry and waiting to be dabbled on some more.

Dabble I did.

I so love these beginning stages when I can be completely free with color. I posted yesterday morning that I wanted to explore color and I did just that. It felt good to let delicious colors lead me. The house was empty and with Luka plugged into my ears, I let go. Singing and dancing (mostly swaying) in front of my easel, my brush was in control.

Isn't it fun when everything just flows?

The paint. Your creative energy. Your spirit. Its almost as though someone else took control and painted for you. When the sun comes up this morning, I look forward to returning to my studio and "explore" what happened on my four canvases yesterday. So much is a spontaneous response to the stroke before that it all happens so quickly. No time to think. Simply react. As the paintings dry enough to be worked on again, there'll be plenty of time to reflect on the direction I want to take them in.

This painting is currently untitled. I hope something comes to mind before its done. Most titles announce themselves during the process, but there are always those pesky ones that don't. I'm fearing this will be one of those... You know, the "hard" to title. Bulldozer comes to mind, but is completely unfitting to a dainty little girl in a pink ruffled bathing suit...

Suggestions are appreciated.

This particular painting has me a bit nervous. With the child stretched on all fours, she covers far less canvas than all my others in this series. Even with her reflection, she is but a dab in the distance. It'll be interesting to see how it evolves...

If you didn't have time to "explore" something yesterday, I hope you do it today. Its refreshing and will put a smile on your face.

Happy exploration!


  1. I love all your beach paintings. what warm feelings come over me when I look at them. I love it when I've got that flow you're talking about! I understand when you say it's like someone else takes over :)

  2. Susan, When you get a chance stop at my blog... I've got an award for you! ~Jaime


  3. Hi Susan,
    Your art is beautiful. I love your last painting at the beach, the colors and composition are so delicate and deep. And your writting is a pleasure to read.
    See you soon :)

  4. Je ne crains absolument pas le fait que ton personnage soit plus éloigné dans ta toile. Au contraire, je trouve que cela donne une puissance à ton océan. Il y a une sorte de communion entre ton personnage et l'eau qui est là comme protectrice, alors qu'on sait qu'elle peut être parfois sauvage et violente. Ton personnage, enfant délicat, a su dompter la mer... et toi tu sauras parfaitement marier la force et la fragilité pour mieux nous hynoptiser. Sorcière de la couleur que tu es !! Bisous


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