Monday, February 1, 2010


Way to the Pond
By Susan Roux
Original oil painting 30x40"


What comes to mind for you? A simple word filled with intrigue and wonder. A journey into something unknown, something unfamiliar. Oh, the things we could explore! Anything from what's in our minds or deep in our hearts, to a walk down a different path or even a shopping spree. It all qualifies.

I feel like having a day of exploration. Will you join me?

Today, between loads of laundry, I want to explore color. I want to move paint around in no particular way, just move it around. I want to react to what I see appear before me on canvas. Just let it flow. Let my emotions flow out of me in whatever color or shade presents itself. I want to explore unfamiliar mixtures. Pretend my palette is magical and watch what it creates. I want to make surprises happen.

Today is February first. Let's get out of the daily humdrum we get caught in, especially in the middle of winter. Let's shake things up and put some excitement in our day. Let's take a little voyage into the unexpected. Go someplace different for lunch. Call an old friend out of the blue. Bake cookies for your family. Anything. Anything different. Go have an exploration that will make you smile and stimulate your spirit!


  1. this is a great painting, Susan. Really liked that last post too of the painting you did last year.
    Really wonderful.

  2. Wonderfully spoken...
    the prodding to enjoy the flow of surprise.
    Great painting too!

  3. This painting makes me feel exhilarated, as if I am trotting down a trail in the Smoky Mountains perhaps with the sun peeking over the mountain dappling bits of warm sunshine in the forest. What a great place in my mind to be, thanks!

  4. Tu proposes une promenade dans la forêt... pour une cueillette de champignons ! Je prépare la poêle pour une fameuse omelette.
    Il fait très certainement bon de trottiner dans ce charmant chemin forestier. J'aime la lumière que tu as parfaitement su faire transparaître sur ta toile. Elle effleure tes feuillages tout en douceur. J'aime, comme toujours!

  5. merci de me suivre... je découvre aussi de très belles peintures ici.. (mon anglais est lamentable..)


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