Friday, February 19, 2010

Class fruit

I never paint fruit.

That realization hit me last night while talking to my husband. I found it especially funny since painting the apple is my first lesson with beginner students. The lesson is how to capture form. Why did I ever choose a subject I never paint?


I just started a new class of such beginners last week. Its a grueling night for people who've never picked up a paintbrush. In two hours we go from how to put paint on the palette and hold a palette knife, to painting an apple, four times! When I say beginners, I really mean beginners. I advertise my class as not needing to know how to draw...

No class this week, due to school vacation. Class is held at the high school. To my grand surprise some of my students asked if they could come to my house. They knew I taught classes here and they wanted to continue painting. Wow, apple night isn't the greatest fun, yet they were inspired to paint!

I just love it when people are instantly captivated with oils. The joy on their faces is why I do this. Its so rewarding to give the gift of painting to someone who's never experienced it.

So last night, I planned an additional exercise for three students.

Its only their second time with a brush in their hands. I wasn't sure what to prepare for them. A simple still life was my decision. I gave them the option to do only part of the arrangement if they felt it was too complicated at this stage. They all chose to do the entire grouping.

Posted is the demo I did during class. They followed along with me and left with striking paintings. We all had a unique angle of the still life, making light and shadow different for each student. It turned out to be a great lesson.

I had fun with the tiny still life. I was working on canvas paper, but I'm inclined to finish it just the same. Painting fruit is colorful and fun. I was just getting into the reflections, which is a favorite subject of mine.

So later, teacher will give herself a lesson...


  1. Bravo Susan, le cours fut parfait! Pomme et citron vous nous faites chavirer... Bisous

  2. Hello Susan! Thank you for your comment! I read you blog as a wonderful book.


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