Friday, February 26, 2010



Reflections of life. Reflections of the soul. Reflections of ancestry.


Copying, mimicking, wiggling like echos. Like echos reverberating over and over, quietly without sound. Reflections...

Like recollections in your memory. Like a mirror. Recalling a moment, an idea, an image. Calmly silent.

Add water and like adding music, these quiet images dance in a harmonious symphony! Movement in full color explodes rhythmically. Nature presents us with such marvelous sights.
So marvelous I can't resist painting them...

My "children at the beach" all play in wiggling color. Beauty, energy and innocence combine to capture the reflections of my youth. Could this be my attraction to painting this series? A blur of the past. A carefree time, joyfully playing, mud sculpting and swimming in a world of vivid color unblemished by unkind realities.

The mind wanders. In creativity the soul is exposed on canvas. Secrets are revealed. Tenderness, excitement, boldness and sensitivity surface.

Perhaps all art is a reflection of its creator. It becomes impossible to hide. Its the nature of true creativity. What are you reflecting? What are you revealing about yourself? What are the subjects and colors you use to express it best? Would you pick the same colors today as you would tomorrow if your mood changed?

Think about it.

Reflections... are they echoing you?

Posted work in progress by Susan Roux


  1. I think you will be forgiven, Susan. This has a lot of meaning. Especially after reading what you wrote about it. Great work.

  2. It's beautiful! And it's very difficult to paint reflections. And I like your text too.

  3. Je pense que chacune de nos toiles est la pure réflexion de notre âme. Dans ta longue série d'enfants sur la plage, non seulement ton âme y est incrusté malgré toi, mais tu la vois se refléter dans l'eau. Véritable miroir... Tu t'y vois à deux fois... Bisous


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